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  1. I'm not against drafting a wideout later in the draft because we already have Roddy's replacement - Julio Jones. It's a luxury to have 2 number one receivers right now. So we only need a draft pick to develop into a Golden Tate or Jeremy Maclin for us, not a number one guy.
  2. I think Gregory and Beasley would be an amazing combo. Just a matter of what Quinn can do with them.
  3. Good. Loved their pick for our sake.
  4. The guy I wanted. So pumped after this pick! Go Birds!
  5. We really don't need Gurley with Freeman on the team. More pressing issues to waste the 8th overall pick on a RB.
  6. Why was I expecting anything else from TAFT... lol Good one.
  7. We do expect too much from Matt, but any team in the league that expects their QB to play without an O-line that can protect the QB and make holes for the RB is expecting too much from their QB. And to add on top that Toilolo failed to be even a decent TE for Matt. Julio, Roddy, Matt, and Asamoah/Matthews is really the only keepers on the offensive side of the ball that doesn't need an upgrade. I liked Stone too, but we'll see if he isn't a one-hit wonder.
  8. Pass rush has been atrocious for far too long. RB in the first round would be a slap in the face, especially considering dominate RB's are a dieing breed.
  9. Agree. Can't predict the future, but the Panthers won the division with a losing record. Hard to argue otherwise.
  10. I'd be fine taking Gurley as long as our DE's are already drafted. If Ray or Beasley is sitting there at 8, we better take one of them.
  11. Hated seeing Schaub go. Would welcome him back as a backup no problem.
  12. Football is just a game and the rivalries is just part of it... I bought my mother a Saints t-shirt for her birthday one year. Family is most important. Thoughts and prayers.
  13. What's better than Biermann? Beirmenn... Beirmenn.
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