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  1. I'm not against drafting a wideout later in the draft because we already have Roddy's replacement - Julio Jones. It's a luxury to have 2 number one receivers right now. So we only need a draft pick to develop into a Golden Tate or Jeremy Maclin for us, not a number one guy.
  2. I think Gregory and Beasley would be an amazing combo. Just a matter of what Quinn can do with them.
  3. Good. Loved their pick for our sake.
  4. The guy I wanted. So pumped after this pick! Go Birds!
  5. We really don't need Gurley with Freeman on the team. More pressing issues to waste the 8th overall pick on a RB.
  6. Why was I expecting anything else from TAFT... lol Good one.
  7. We do expect too much from Matt, but any team in the league that expects their QB to play without an O-line that can protect the QB and make holes for the RB is expecting too much from their QB. And to add on top that Toilolo failed to be even a decent TE for Matt. Julio, Roddy, Matt, and Asamoah/Matthews is really the only keepers on the offensive side of the ball that doesn't need an upgrade. I liked Stone too, but we'll see if he isn't a one-hit wonder.
  8. Pass rush has been atrocious for far too long. RB in the first round would be a slap in the face, especially considering dominate RB's are a dieing breed.
  9. Agree. Can't predict the future, but the Panthers won the division with a losing record. Hard to argue otherwise.
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