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  1. Not interested as linebacker is the one area on defense that we have talent with some depth. I’d prefer to drop back to 9-12 to pick up an extra second (or third if not offered) and land either Surtain or Farley to give Terrell a running mate. Other option would be BPA at 9-12 in case there was a fall for anyone like Pitts or Parsons.
  2. Agree! Just maybe fingers crossed it’d be a cheap one year deal here. It’ll be interesting to see him fully at WLB in the right scheme.
  3. It’ll be interesting to see what the numbers come in at. If he’s no more than $5M a year, it’ll be disappointing.
  4. Interestingly to play WLB. Was hoping we’d bring him back for a one year deal as he seemed to get back to his normal self the second half of the season.
  5. Excited to see this oline combo for us as this could be it next year.
  6. I’m going to say no and hope that our oline can do some damage with the ground game that lets Gurley go off in his first game with the ATL.
  7. Offense - Justin Blalock to solidify the LG. Defense - Lester Archambeau. Just a solid defensive end against the run and pass that would be great with Fowler. Going with the assumption Rod Coleman making a Pro Bowl makes him too good of a pick.
  8. Hopefully nothing more than a seventh. I would have rather signed Taco instead of giving up compensation.
  9. This is all getting interesting. Even Chuck sending some shots over.
  10. JA98 was the biggest bust of the 2000s. Peria Jerry at least had a major injury to blame. Jimmy Williams is the one that irked me. Had all the physical traits and we didn’t get squat out of him.
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