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  1. Offense - Justin Blalock to solidify the LG. Defense - Lester Archambeau. Just a solid defensive end against the run and pass that would be great with Fowler. Going with the assumption Rod Coleman making a Pro Bowl makes him too good of a pick.
  2. Hopefully nothing more than a seventh. I would have rather signed Taco instead of giving up compensation.
  3. This is all getting interesting. Even Chuck sending some shots over.
  4. JA98 was the biggest bust of the 2000s. Peria Jerry at least had a major injury to blame. Jimmy Williams is the one that irked me. Had all the physical traits and we didn’t get squat out of him.
  5. Also here’s the uni watch link which he describes the leak matching what he had been shown weeks ago. He’s not a fan of anything other than at least we won’t have clown sleeves. Uni Watch Article
  6. First photo I’m seeing of the front as Uni Watch just posted an article destroying the jerseys.
  7. Terrible pros but, purely from strongest arm, you could make a case for JaMarcus or even Michael Bishop. I’d probably go Marino or Favre on that one based off choices.
  8. Pretty honest article that echoes some of what Blank said after the game. Hopefully we can move some of those big contracts this week to get started on 2020.
  9. Northeast section, Scranton area. Nothing but a mix of Eagles, Giants, and Steelers fans here. Good location as I’m 90 mins from Philly and NYC without having to deal with the big city.
  10. If you do have DirecTV, request a “local channel connector” aka a digital antenna. We lost NBC up here in Pennsylvania. I called to complain and they shipped the antenna free to get the local channels. They just started doing that about three weeks ago due to all the complaints.
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