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  1. This man is serious as a heart attack about DEFENSE! He is precise and articulate about what he expects out of his players, his coaches, and himself. I sincerely hope that Quinn and Dimitroff and Pioli are on same line of thought in player selection in the draft and in ddfree agency especially. With that being said, in the draft they should get ( although it may a longshot sese)Leonard Williams or Donte Fowler or Vic Beasley. In free agency, two names on defense are on my wish list, Ndamokung Suh and Jean Pierre-Paul, Wishful thinking on my part. GO FALCONS and welcome to Atlanta Dan Quinn.
  2. I offer my sincerest condolences to you. Keep your faith, maintain your focus, and firmly maintain your determination to be a great offensive tackle in the NFL Stay hungry my friend!
  3. Let's not forget about Terren Jones. Where does he fit? Or is he just good enough to make the PS?
  4. What about Baylor guard Cyril Richardson? I didn't see his name on the draftboards. Does anyone know?
  5. You know, Imho, in certain situations I'd like to see both of them start at both LCB and RCB. Trufant is more of a technician at cornerback, while Alford is a bit more athletic. Both of them bring a great deal to the table and will greatly help this year's defense.Enough said.
  6. Deacon Jones was the prototype DE. Always a relentless pass rusher with a nonstop motor. He was an everydown DE who never took plays off. He will be greatly missed. Enough said.
  7. I believe the TO was in reference to the turnovers that Osi would create against opposing offenses. Enough said.
  8. Alford has a great work ethic and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help the Falcons win. He has a positive mindset which is the most important component that a professional athlete must maintain if he is to be successful. An athlete can have all the physical and athletic ability in the world, but without a good work ethic and a cooperative spirit, such an athlete will not succeed and the team that he plays for will not keep him. Enough said.
  9. The both of them have the speed and the athleticism to be dominant, premier cornerbacks in the NFL. If they use their abilities and skills to their full potential and are coached properly, then the Falcons will certainly along with Falcons fans will be getting their money's worth for years to come. Enough said.
  10. 88, thanks for clearing that up for me. I didn't realize that Alford was projected to go that early. I hope you are right about Massaquoi and Matthews. They will have to step it up come this season. Enough said,.
  11. The Falcons need pressure up front from DE's & DT's. That will go a long way in helping the secondary to create turnovers. I like that we have Trufant and Alford, but wqe need an impact DE along with Umenyiora and pressure from the LB's and some good pass coverage from the LB's to make this D solid. Enough said.
  12. I'm trying to figure this out. Somebody help me to understand this, Please. Now, I like this Robert Alford,but, couldn't we have gotten him in the later rounds? Four (4) DE's were sitting out there; Lemonier, Montgomery, Okafor, Washington and the Falcons couldn't grab one of these guys? With all of this talk about getting a pass rush, why didn't the Falcons address this as an immediate need? These aforementioned DE's will not be around in the later rounds. WHY? WHY? WHY? The Falcons have Umenyiora, Massaquoi,& Matthews I know, but, wasn't an impact player at DE needed? Well, we definitely have addressed the CB situation. I hope the Falcons do better in these later rounds. Enough said.
  13. .Welcome Desmond Trufant. Make your family proud by playing like a champion for the Falcons. Welcome to the ATL. Enough said.
  14. He will probably wear #23 keeping that number in the family like his older brother Marcus. Enough said.
  15. I really like this pick. With 11 compensatory picks, the Falcons will be able to get a pass rusher like Lamonier of Auburn, or Okafor of Texas, or Damontre Moore of Texas A&M and there are still quite a number of DB's out there who the Falcons could get such Amerson, Banks, Slay or McGhee. This was the draft for OL's on this night though. I still think we could use another G and TE is a need but, I don't think Ertz from Stanford will be around. However there should be enough DE's and maybe some DT's out there. Stay tuned. Enough said.
  16. I really thought that Trufant would be long gone before the Falcons could or would get him. This was a serious need for the Falcons after letting go of Grimes, Robinson, and Owens. Mel Kiper has the Falcons needing a TE, G, and a DE. With 11 compensatory picks remaining, the Falcons should be able to fill their shopping basket to fill up their remaining needs.
  17. Trufant will go to the Jets. They need to replace Revis. Sorry Falcons. Enough said.
  18. You can forget about Trufant. He won't last to where the Falcons are at #30. Enough said.
  19. I don't like it. It's sounds too risky like when the Falcons traded up to get Julio, too much to give up to the Browns. Unless TD has got something up his sleeve, I just don't know. We'll see. Enough said.
  20. I like Floyd, but, I think that with the Falcons drafting at 30, Richardson might be more realistic for the Falcons to draft. But I still think the Falcons need a top flight CB. Bobby McClain is showing signs of improvement though. You also have to look at the fact that Asante Samuel is 32 and the Falcons need to shore up their secondary and tweak the OLB as well. Not to worry. The Falcons have 11 compensatory picks and this years draft I believe has heavy emphasis on Defense which is where the Falcons should concentrate their efforts. They (Falcons) have done well in free agency, and they will do well in the draft. Enough said.
  21. To WM and PKM thanks for the kudos. Greatly appreciated. Enough said
  22. Maybe. But the Falcons have too many other needs, especially on defense IMHO. Enough said.
  23. For the Falcons to trade for Revis is almost comparitive in what they did to get Julio and what they had to give up to get him in giving all those draft picks to Cleveland. I would avoid Revis like the plague. Too much to give to Revis, and too much to give up to get Revis. Enough said.
  24. I watched Okafor and he looked good in sacking the Qb 4 times, but, I wasn't impressed with him in stopping the run. At times he looked like he was being overpowered when Oregon St ran the football. I think he would be a better OLB in IMO due to his outside speed which could be very useful in rushing the passer. Needs to work on stopping the run. Enough said,.
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