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  1. That brings up an interesting point, paying a player big can make it difficult for you to focus on getting players at other positions, which could lead to a lot of star players not getting rings. I think something else to look at though could be the spread offense. A lot of teams, especially the top passing attacks in the league seemingly like to spread the ball around. Those types of offenses will have their leading receivers, however they spread the ball around, which can make it hard for a receiver to get a lot of yards.
  2. He said 'that would be quite the FA corp' to the list of 4, assumingly meaning if they are all signed. You said one would be great, you liked one, that's 2 of 4. I think JPP would be great as well if he were a Falcon, so 3/4, by your own view are good unless you don't think JPP would be. With Forsett it probably wouldn't be a big booster but I think it may help some, he is a good back imo and sometimes backs like Dunn, Gore and Taylor run well at an older age. It looks like we won't get JPP, however you seem to be saying that if we did get all 4 it wouldn't help much, which seems strange. As f
  3. Honestly, I don't think Dave415 is Reece, they don't seem to have the same MO. I've had disagreements with him, and I don't recall him ever cursing at me or seemingly being 'aggressive' or throwing around any insults. It seems like Reece would have done that, so I don't think Dave415 is Reece.
  4. I don't get the buzz over Kate Upton, she's not hot to me. Not a big fan of Zepplin either. Thanks for trying though.
  5. Metal:In Flames-Delights and Angers...Non-Metal:Googoo Dolls-Sympathy
  6. Well I heard a song I had never heard before yesterday..its an older song, MORTICIAN-PROCREATING THE WICKED!
  7. Redman didn't do bad versus the Saints that game..he had a way quicker release than Leftwitch..Leftwitch's release was SLOW..there were errors by the receivers that hurt Redman's stats and what not Redman did good vs the Saints in 2009..but made unfortunate errors vs the Saints..he took on an Eagles LB and spun forward for more yards that year too..I like a QB that will do that instead of slide
  8. Jerod Mayo has been great for New England...one of the best at holding guys to minimal yards while he tackles them 2010 vs Adrian Peterson, AP wasn't even falling forward most of the time he tackled him...Mayo is from my state, Virginia
  9. aaah, blasts from the past...way too much ripping of Dunn, he was a good back..he did good in TB the next year Dunn was a pretty good back..made the most out of his runs, went for more yards than just a body length while he was being tackled but it isn't like it was his fault he was getting hit by 2 guys at the LOS all the time..stats for the most part, are made by the o-line..gotta watch the back when he is put in situations with a legit chance
  10. we had a good win vs Philly...we lost on the road by 3 to a div. rival...we threw 4 more times than we ran vs Chicago not a suprise that we are 1-2 really, I'd like to be 2-1, or 3-0..but its not a cause for a huge panic
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