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  1. I'm still sticking with my 11-5 prediction. I honestly thought the Falcons would win 2 of their first 3 games. Now I think we'll start 1-2 (We'll beat Philly). Before I predicted: @Chi W Phil W @TB L @Sea W GB L Car W @Det W @Indy L NO W Tenn W @Min L @Hou W @Car W Jax W @NO L TB W Now I see it like this: @Chi L Phil W TB L @Sea W GB L Car W @Det W @Ind W NO W Tenn W @Min L @Hou W @Car W Jax W NO L TB W Still 11-5, though. I think we can beat Indy with Manning out.
  2. ????? Are you kidding me? You must be utterly ********, dude. Preseason W-L don't mean dookie in the regular season. NO ONE goes all-out to go undefeated in the preseason. It happens by accident. Geez what a dumb post. I'm not even gonna waste my time reading the responses to your post bcuz any other Falcons fan will tell you the same thing--that we aren't worried about our preseason record.
  3. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. For all of Chicago's weaknesses, they have a history of starting the season off well on defense. If we win by more than 10pts it'll be bcuz of a late TD. The first 3 quarters should be a close back-and-forth kinda game. My prediction: 24-21 Falcons
  4. LOL I understand where you're coming from. But this year I feel more pumped up than nervous. I really credit the Falcons for their acquisitions this offseason. We improved on both sides of the ball. We should be able to blow out at least a couple opponents this year. It's gonna be great!
  5. hey you're right that 09 game was close, too. We won that game by a TD when Turner ran it in with like 4 minutes remaining. The Bears played sloppy in that game, I remember. I'm excited about tomorrow's game, too. The game will be on Fox 13 here in Utah, and I read somewhere that this game in its time slot will get the most tv coverage throughout the country. In my mind, the Falcons D is much better (compared to last year's) and this Bears team is going to be underestimated all season. I can honestly see Atl/Chi exchanging leads 4 or 5 times.
  6. same here. if i had to pick my favorite old school uni it would be their all black awesome pic, btw
  7. My friend who is a huge Bears fan told me that da Bears will be wearing their dark uniforms. Which means we'll be wearing our white. I'm cool with that. This game should come down to the wire like the last Chi/Atl game (Ryan to Jenkins WOOHOO). My prediction: 24-21 Atlanta... Ryan's big 4th rallies da Dirty Birds yet again.
  8. I think if we went 0-2 we'd still have a decent shot at making the playoffs. Heaven forbid if we go 0-3. I predict we'll go 2-1 in the first 3 games. I definitely think we'll get over the hump against Philly and beat them at home. I think if we lose one of those first games, it'll be against Tampa at their place. They came close to beating us in both games last year. This year, they'll probably split with us--likely they'll win at home. Someone should make a post on the LAST TWO games of the year on the Falcon's schedule. I think it's intriguing that we'll play the Saints in NO in Week 16 and against TB at home in Week 17. I think the game against the Saints has STRONG potential to be for the division title and that last game against the Bucs will be (if Atl loses to NO) an elimination game with the winner taking one of the 2 NFC wildcard spots. OR the Falcons might need to win that game vs Tampa to win the division while the Bucs would need the win for a wildcard (with the potential being the Falcons could drop all the way OUT of the playoffs).
  9. who i think will go: Falcons vs Patriots who i want to go: Falcons vs Colts (probably won't happen with Manning having surgery again, but I'd love a Manning/Ryan showdown) only if... : Hahahahahahha like I'm gonna answer that one!
  10. You took the words out of my mouth. The Falcon's 0-4 record means zilch. Nada Here's the connection: Atlanta will lose the same number of games in the regular season (12-4) that they lose in the preseason (0-4). Heh
  11. I completely agree 100%. We are talking about the Lions, after all. You know, the team that's had losing records for several seasons now. I think they'll finish anywhere between 7-9 and 8-8. Sorry but they just aren't that good. Which is why I think the Falcons will CRUSH them when they meet. More than likely, we'll lose to Indy but not the pussycats. Detroit is the most over-hyped team this year.
  12. Hey how funny my predictions are just about the same as yours (last year, I picked Atl to go 12-4). This time around I believe the Falcons will go 11-5. I agree that they'll lose to Tampa in Week 3, the Pack, and New Orleans at their house. But I feel we'll beat Detroit but than lose to Indy. The Colts may not be a favorite but Manning will be back and primed by the time the Falcons come to town. Good choice with the Houston prediction but I think we match up well against the Texans and we'll beat them in a shootout. However, I DO think we'll lose a game this year to a team that we probably shouldn't--and I'm thinking it will be against the Vikings (if not Houston).
  13. Ha! Roddy was a hoot! I laughed my butt off the entire time. Can't wait for the regular season to begin...
  14. Jamaal Anderson It should be Jamal Anderson What are people thinking? :blink: HAHAHahahahahha
  15. Right. Exactly. That's why I'm thinking when we lose our first game, it'll be in Week 3 at Tampa. The Bucs came close to beating us twice last year, but didn't. Now--with a bit of experience--if they beat us even once it'll be at Tampa. We're evenly matched.
  16. Hmmmm..... I agree with most of what you said. I have Michael Turner going for about 915yd--mainly bcuz we now have more diversity at the RB position (I am happy that we have Quiz). I think Matt Ryan will finish the season with 32 TDs and about 13 INTs. I mainly disagree with who you think Atlanta will lose to this season. I think the Dirty Birds will win 2 of their first 3 games, and that includes a win at home against Vick and Philly. Yes we'll probably lose to the Pack but it'll be close. We will NOT lose to Detroit. Yes, they've improved but not enough to take us out. People have been saying that the Colts won't be good bcuz of what's going on with Manning, but they need to remember that Peyton will have been back for at least 4-5 games by the time we play the Colts. We probably lose a close one to them. I do think this year we will lose to a team that no one expects (last year we didn't have that issue). I think Minnesota could be that team. Or Houston. Take either one. I have a feeling we'll go 4-2 in the division this year--losing to the Saints (at N.O.) and probably Tampa. I'm guessing we'll go 11-5. I prefer 12-4 (and that would surely mean a division title, too) but logically I have to go with 11-5. The funny thing is that--based on the Saints schedule--I believe they'll go 11-5, too, this year (Incidentally, I think Brees and company will lose in a week 1 thriller opener against the Pack). Then the division goes to tiebreakers. I don't know who will win that divisional tiebreaker but Atlanta will finish 6-2 at home and 5-3 on the road when all is said and done.
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