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  1. Yes! Now need to beat those swamp scum in their backyard.
  2. You know that’s an away game, right? Might have more luck on the Taints board. Just make a fake handle like BreezGod with a picture of a stolen Lombardi.
  3. Fusco injury happened right in front of my section, and it did not look good. He was not able to put any weight on his leg. I don't expect him back this season. Agree with everything else the OP stated. This was an AWESOME win!
  4. I'm going along with most of our tailgate crew. About a dozen of us. Can't wait!
  5. Hope he doesn’t fall in the shower and get concussed...
  6. Wait a second, I thought we lost to Detroit. Did I misread something?
  7. My biggest complaint with the halo board is that you have to look pretty high up if you are near field level. It is super high quality and very bright though - maybe too bright as some others have mentioned. It has been toned down a bit since preseason. The Home Depot ads definitely gave the entire field an orange glow during preseason games, and I didn't notice that last night.
  8. Saints 0-2 when Brady avenges last week. I predict a 21 point beat down in the swamp.
  9. Did you see AP chasing down Payton on the sideline? He just waved him off. 3rd string
  10. If by Performance you mean sitting on the couch and eating Cheetos.
  11. I'm looking to move to lower level seats. Have a pair in 612 row C if anybody is interested. Tickets are in hand. Tickets have been sold.
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