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  1. Okay, now that's the kind of wording that exaggerates the situation. They were not being paid to make "illegal" hits. They were being paid illegally, as you said, if they injured a player. That's a big difference. You can look back and see which teams over the past three years had the most illegal hit penalties, and I'm pretty sure the Saints would be middle of the pack somewhere (give or take a few spots). Haven't seen the breakdown in which penalties where illegal hits, but during these 3 years the Saints were 12th, 15th, and 10th in the league in penalties. But to say they were paid to make illegal hits? No way. "Go out there and crack-block/chop, spear with your head, rip people down by the facemask, horsecollar, make illegal hits!" Have a hard time buying that was the mentality of all this. Even Kurt Warner said all the hits he took were perfectly within the rules and legal. So don't make it sound like they were being paid to pull a Tanya Harding and pulling an assault, or like they were being paid to attack players like the Suh stomp. And this is part of why, if this were any other team, I honestly would shrug at it. I think there's a big difference between getting paid to go injure someone, and collecting a pot if someone gets injured on your hit within the confines and flow of the game. I played defense, and I'm pretty certain there's not a defensive player alive who doesn't take some pride when someone they hit stays down for a bit. Every defensive player wants the knock-out hit, and it don't take a bounty to motivate them for that. Suh and Harrison don't need any bounty want to destroy people. No defensive player apologizes for injuring someone. If it's within the rules, there's nothing to be sorry about.
  2. Man, maybe somebody could make me feel a little better about this whole situation. I think I might be taking it too personally...well, because it's my team. The thing is, if this news came out with any other team, I'd just kind of shrug and say "eh, happens all the time." I'm disgusting, embarrassed, ashamed, angry, and have lost all respect for Saints players (besides maybe some of the rookies who were just sort of caught in a nasty situation and lead astray). Am I being a little bit too hard on the Saints because they are my team? So to the Falcons fans, if this was your team, would you be more disgusted and angry? I guess I just feel that if I didn't care or think it was a big deal if it were any other team, why should I care so much that it was my team? If it came out Rex Ryan had a bounty system going on, I'd honestly not be surprised at all, and say "whatever, no big deal". I wish I could shrug it off, but I feel betrayed. Saints were supposed to represent class and doing things the right way. Maybe it's just a matter of not being able to feel proud to be a Saints fan at the moment.
  3. I think I'm more pissed off than I am hurting. Definitely the first time I've ever felt embarrassed to be a fan of a team. My morals compass so heavily points to "doing the right thing no matter what, even if it results in persecution", that this is especially personal to me. My respect for everyone, EVERYONE, on the Saints team during that time has pretty much gone entirely. Even Brees. Now I really doubt Brees encouraged and supported this idea. And he may even had said "this ain't cool, guys"...but I don't care. There's no WAY everyone in that organization didn't know about this. As a leader of the team, as a human being in general, you stop it. You go to the coaches and flat at say you won't step one foot on the field until it stops. And Brees had that power. If that don't work, you tell them to knock it off or you'll go to the league yourself. Now, all personal resentment and aside...I don't think it means as much or is as "horrible" as some people are making it out to be. The idea sounds a lot more sickening than it is, because in all actuality, you know guys are going to play and hit as hard as the can regardless of any incentives or bounties. In other words, it's not like they hit at 80-90%, and only at 100% if they have a chance to collect a bounty. Anyone who has played football will understand that when the game starts, you are always trying to perform the best you can. Also, I can pretty much assure you this isn't an isolated incident. In fact, I'll wager that it's happened on every single team in the NFL at some point. You honestly believe the Jets don't talk about this stuff in the locker room or out with the guys? Or the Ravens? Or Steelers? Of course it happens. Maybe not to the extent as being officiated by the DC, but I'm sure it happens/is happening. Now, don't get me wrong. Not at ALL defending the Saints. They don't deserve it. And frankly, right now I'm feeling glad we got bounced from the playoffs the past couple years. We didn't deserve to play in the SB with this going on. The idea of a bounty is sickening. I'm just glad that within the framework of a live game, there's not much room to intentionally try to injure. It just happens. Yuck...this whole situation is nauseating to the point I hope we get rid of Vilma, and I'm soooo happy G. Williams isn't there anymore. I hope Loomis gets fired too. Where's the paper bags? We could actually use them now.
  4. That I can agree with. I definitely expect the Saints to win, but I'm pretty sure we'll have to battle for it. But if we build just a 14 point lead, it's over. 49ers offense isn't coming back from that.
  5. Maybe because 4 of the leagues bottom 9 in defense are not only in the playoffs, but 3 of those 4 are the top 3 seeds in the playoffs. The Saints defense has been pretty stout the past 7 games. Lot of the yards we are giving up are through the air, because we're building such big leads that teams are forced to pass every play, with the game well out of reach. We're 12th in the league in rush defense, and the past 7 games, even better. If the 49ers can't run, there's no way Alex Smith can keep them in the game. Even as bad as the Saints defense has been at times, the 49ers are 26th in offense. Doesn't take the best defense to stop the 26th ranked offense (and 29th ranked passing offense). If you match their offense against our defense straight up, that's a 26th ranked offense going against a 24th ranked defense. We're still ahead in that matchup. You match their 4th ranked defense against our 1st ranked offense (16th against the pass)...well, we win that battle too. So yeah, they may be the best defense we've faced so far. What does that mean? That we score 30 instead of 45? There's no way the 49ers put up 30 points, even against our defense. We haven't given up more than 24 since the bye-week (not counting the Lions game), and that was against the Giants who actually have an offense. We have only gave up 18 ppg since our bye week. Now, I'm not saying that the 49ers can't win. Any team can win. I mean we lost to the Rams right? But there's not much evidence (to me at least) that shows they should win.
  6. I don't think Ryan is the problem at all. Ryan's biggest problem is that they still have him on a leash and training wheels. Saints did that to Reggie Bush, and as it turns out, he can rush the football just fine if you give him the carries (we just didn't need that from him). The playcalls are predictable and boring. Too much of the same, no adjustments, no creativity, no chemistry with the head coach, and probably no belief in the head coach. Matt Ryan could be great if they'd let him rip. One of the most underrated traits in a winning team is probably unity and chemistry. Watch the video of Peyton and Brees sitting in the room talking to each other like two friends, valuing each others opinions, listening, working out a gameplan. That's a big key to their success. Can you honestly picture Matt Ryan and Smith doing that? Maybe they do, but I get the feeling Smith takes his plan to Ryan and says "This is what we're going to do", and Ryan just nods and say "Okay coach...". You got two guys with zero emotion, and that just isn't working. You put Ryan on a team with a coach who believes in him, his opinions, his ability, and his leadership, and I think you see a pro-bowl QB. Give him a coach with some emotion and drive.
  7. Yup. Your defense played lights out Sunday. They are the only reason you didn't get shut out. Lot of people are giving them flak for giving up some big plays, but come on, really? How long can you expect a defense to hold out without some offensive support. It was 10-3 late in the 3rd, and should have been 10-9 if you would have kicked field goals instead of turning it over twice on 4th down. Those big plays didn't come until later, and how many resulted in the pressure the D was under to make something happen? By that time they probably had it in their heads it was up to them to score since the offense couldn't. The one thing I noticed is that Atlanta is the most predictable and least creative offensive teams in the league, and Smith certainly doesn't know how to adapt and make adjustments. He just sticks with the exact same thing that isn't working all game. On top of that, Mike Smith has got to be one of the most boring and mundane coaches in the NFL. He couldn't inspire a flea to jump, and he's got the emotion of a dead moth. That's got to make it hard for Matt Ryan and other players to on board with his gameplans, and in turn be very motivated. I just can't imagine they have that close friendship and chemistry that other coaches have with their QBs. I don't see Mike Smith and Ryan sitting down in a room going over plays and working together. But what do I know? Maybe they do.
  8. Sounds like you stole your post title from a porn flick
  9. Yeah, I was shaking my head about that too. Crazy.
  10. I think coach/QB and coach/player chemistry is one of the most underrated and overlooked qualities in the NFL. But you can see it clearly. Belichick has won for years with average players and low draft picks. Intimately knowing your leaders means soooo much. To build that trust and understanding, genuinely enjoying each others company, knowing their families...priceless. You can see it in the way Brees and Peyton talk, how the team works as a whole. They move and live and breathe as a unit. Every single player is buying in and trusts completely. That video with Brees and Peyton talking over plays says it all. There's a difference between going to war with co-workers and going to war with friends. You get a coach and players who are that tight, and you will improve by 3-4 wins a year.
  11. And as a Saints fan, I would totally and completely respect the Falcons for stomping our faces in. I would hate it, but I'd respect it. To show up and shut our mouths, give back a beating. That's how you handle business. And if it happens, I don't want the Falcon's to "mail in at the end". If I lose, I want to lose to the best, playing their best...for the full 60 minutes. I'd be more ticked off at the Rams loss than if we were to get blown out 50-14 against the Falcons.
  12. Couldn't have said it better myself. And ya know, most of us have experienced this in our own lives. Anyone play any FPS games? BF3, MW? Or Madden? One of your friends is whooping up on you, and you get all pissed because they'll be like "Hey we can just quit, start a new game, it's cool." Or they start running the ball just to punt, giving you a chance to put up some stats? I've been there...and it irritates the heck out of me. Same with shooters. I don't want sympathy. I want to get better, I want to earn what I get against the best, not because somebody "eased up" and handed it to me.
  13. ...riiiiiight. Every single team in the league would go for a 27 year old record with it 30 yards in reach...no matter what the score was. And on top of that, every year almost every team has a blowout or two. It happens. There are times to dial it back, run it all the time, maybe put in backups. But the bottom line, if it's happening too often, teams can't let up just to make the other team feel better. They have a job to keep consistency and rhythm going. They have to do what they do without worrying about the other team. Otherwise, come playoff time, when they hit the big boys, they might not be prepared to play a full 60 minutes. Some people may hate it (I do at times), but those teams with the killer instincts, the ones who stick to their guns and get the work in, are the ones winning championships. Besides, how many times have you seen crazy comebacks because a team took their foot off the pedal? We see it every year. The Saints have done it themselves and nearly lost. The Packers did it week one and nearly let the Saints tie it up in the end.
  14. Heh, I know a few WRs who could have passed for 300 last night. Brad Smith. Hines Ward. Antwaan Randle. Matt Jones. Err, and probably against the Saints too. I mean we gave up more passing yards than you did.
  15. Here's another truth: Any team can be better than the best team for 1 game. The Rams, possibly the worst team in the NFL, were better than the Saints for 1 game. And that's all it takes in the playoffs. We were knocked out by the Seahawks last year, who arguably didn't even belong in the playoffs. I think we're right up there with the Pats and Packers as far as best team in the league. Especially with the way we're playing right now. But good Lord, that certainly doesn't mean we can't be the 2nd best team on any given week in the playoffs. 49ers are better than the Rams in every single way. But I hope the Rams are the better team next week. It'd sure be nice to have a first round bye.
  16. And for the record, yes, that's usually how I prefer my team to handle it. Get the game over, get into the locker room, limit risks, etc. But not when a 27 year record is in reach. Any honest fan would want to see their guy/team get the record, regardless of the score.
  17. And that's another good point. How upset would you be if you were at a home game with a chance to not only see, but experience history, and it was taken from you all because the other team was playing poorly? Not fair to those fans. Those fans will remember that moment for the rest of their lives. There are kids there that will tell stories about it to their grandkids. And it's not fair even to make Brees wait. It's not his fault. This was a memorable moment, on MNF, Primetime. Breaking it next week against the Panthers in an early game? Great, but not nearly as memorable.
  18. Okay, let me ask you this: would it have been less embarrassing for us to put in our backups? That should feel more disrespectful than anything. Basically saying, "Well, since you guys are obviously so outmatched by our starters, here, we'll throw ya a bone so you don't feel so bad." I'd be more p!ssed at that than a team scoring a couple more times.
  19. Amen. That's how every fan should feel when their team in a blowout. We want to see some pride. We want to see them fight because that's what they love to do...even if they have no chance of winning. I hate seeing my team cry "they were big meanies and made us feel worse by not letting us regain some of our dignity. They hurt my feelings." Now, that said, I don't mind a team running the ball to kill time within 3 or so minutes...but when a record is on the line, you go for it. Whether it's against my team, or my team doing it to another team. Can't be mad about that.
  20. Am I the only one who feels more insulted when a team takes out their starters because they don't want to "run up the score"? To me that's way more embarrassing than them scoring 20 more points. That's what you do for your kids because you don't want them to feel too bad about themselves. This should be one of the 1400 tequila commercials..."Real men don't want you to take out their starters. They want to STOP your starters". I don't want no "sympathy" for my team's suck. I want them to man up and stop them. And regardless. This was a very unique scenario with a record on the line. That's all this was about. And it's not fair to Brees that she should NOT get that record because we're not supposed to make the Falcons feel bad.
  21. It's not Brees's fault that the Falcons D couldn't stop him. I mean what do you want him to do? NOT go for a record that's stood for 27 years just they don't want to rub it in? Normally I'm all for pulling out your starters, running the time out, etc when you already have the game in hand...but this was a unique scenario. Funny though, I get kind of upset when other teams pull their starters against my team in a blowout. To me it's more embarrassing than them leaving in their starters and playing like the game is tied. It feels more like a slap in the face than it would be for them to keep trying to score. But when the situation is reversed, I want us to pull our starters.
  22. Well, the Saints do have one of the better O-lines in the NFL. Brees is one of the least sacked QBs this year. So this ins't some enigma that only the Falcons had trouble with. And I think Julio is exactly what you guys needed. I don't think he's the problem at all. He was one of the lone bright spots this game (Matt Ryan also). I think it's just a matter of matchup. One of your biggest strengths (or would be considered playing against most teams) is the fact you can control the ball (second in the league in TOP?). But against teams like the Saints, Pats, and Packers, that's not a good thing. Controlling the ball doesn't really mean much against teams that only need a minute or two to score. All it means is you take forever to score...which you can't do once you get down by a couple points. Controlling the ball only works well against offenses that do the same, or take a lot of plays to score (ie: great matchup against the 49ers). To counter teams like the Saints and Packers you need to be as explosive and match them in the boom-boom-boom-TOUCHDOWN mentality. You saw this happen in week one where the Saints and Packers worked each other over. When you have guys like Brees, Rodgers, and Brady, keeping them on the bench sounds like a win, but they only need 3-5 plays on a drive to get points. We saw that Sunday with Brady too. Being shut out at half, playing the ToP game...but due to their explosiveness, Brady only needs a half, and he can catch right up with a "ball control" team in just a couple drives.
  23. No worries. I honestly don't think it's that big a deal either. And from a football standpoint I'd say it's a non-story even. On a human being level, that's where it irks. Some things just don't need to be said. In the grand scheme of things, teams probably pray this is the least sort of issue they have to deal with. All my comments only apply if he actually said it. I'm all for him being horribly misquoted! It does raise some questions that it hasn't came up from any other source. Maybe more legit sources have tried to confirm the story and didn't find it credible enough?
  24. All we need now is for Tampa Bay to get some semblance of an elite QB, and we would have division with by far the best QBs in the league. Cam is only going to get better. Brees is already there, and Ryan is SOOOOO close. Just not sold on Freeman.
  25. Wow...hope I get to see it. If nothing else, I'm sure it'll hit youtube soon.
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