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  1. svitek did well i just would like an after training camp signing to shore up suspect depth at a pivotal position for our team this year
  2. we need better depth than a career backup, the sackmaker, and a green rookie at LT
  3. i hope that switek wins out because if not the sackmaker is going to hold the falcons season hostage
  4. i would hardly call him a scrub. doug free though falls under "scrub of a lifetime"
  5. http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/playerstats.asp?id=7363 will svitek
  6. http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/playerstats.asp?id=8798 sam baker
  7. Adjusted Cap Number: $128.128 million Cap Room Remaining: $606,858 cap of ravens per nfl.com
  8. i cant tell you how many countless times baker got beat and ryan was running for his life.
  9. http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/playerstats.asp?id=5893 Regular Season Stats Career Offensive Line Stats Year Team G GS Pen Yds False Start Holding Sacks Allwd Yds 2002 Min 8 7 6 45 3 2 4.75 33.00 2003 Min 16 16 5 40 2 3 11.50 45.00 2004 Min 16 16 5 30 4 1 11.00 65.00 2005 Min 16 16 2 10 2 0 4.75 19.00 2006 Min 16 16 7 60 1 4 7.50 56.25 2007 Min 16 16 2 15 1 1 7.00 40.50 2008 Min 12 12 2 9 2 0 4.00 13.00 2009 Min 16 16 4 30 1 2 9.00 61.00 2010 Min 16 16 2 10 2 0 5.00 45.50 2011 Bal 16 16 5 30 4 1 8.50 62.00 Totals 148 147 40 279 22 14 73.00 440.25
  10. worse than baker i dont think so. Trent cole single handedly made baker look like he didnt belong
  11. i really think we could pry this guy for a low draft pick if he is not released. Like the excerpt says they have other options. Mckinnie is an experienced starter who has several pro bowls in his resume and would be able to handle some of the more dominant rushers we face this year. Baker is a disaster in cleats and holmes is not ready and was injured in OTAS
  12. even a slightly out of shape mckinnie would be a better option than what we have currently. they said that about him last year and he filled in admirably for the ravens.
  13. Potential Camp Casualty : The Ravens paid left tackle Bryant McKinnie a $500,000 roster bonus in March, but he reportedly struggled with his conditioning in the offseason program, prompting the team to hold him out of minicamp. The Ravens have options at the position and if the soon-to-be 33-year-old looks more like a planet than a left tackle when he reports to training camp, his $3.2 million base salary could make him expendable. per NFL.COM
  14. pro bowl has nothing to do with it.. pro bowl is a popularity contest troy polamalu always gets it and his skill set has eroded by a lot over the years
  15. his vertical leap and zone coverage skills make him a above average to borderline great corner but i dont think you can reserve elite for him. Tall physical receivers who have a decent quarterback can still manhandle grimes.
  16. and ever since we have never been able to replace him.imho his pass rush was one of the reasons we were able to get to the nfcc in 2004
  17. sidbury: i think this kid is an untapped talent reason for him not breaking out was scheme imho Snelling: the guy is dependable and always finds ways of contributing. QUIZZ: a lot of power for such a little man and he is shifty as $%$$(future starter)
  18. on a scale of one to ten with ten being top five in the league ABE:7 Grimes: 8 Clabo: 8 D Rob: 6 Baker: 4 Decoud: 5 Edwards: 5
  19. i dont think grimes is worth locking up longterm because he is a the peak of his career so i would think maybe a three year deal at most would make since. three years 30 million
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