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  1. we may still have a shot as garrard or moore depending who is the odd man out in the dolphins training camp battle
  2. let me ask you this in the playoffs can we beat A. NYG B. Packers if the answer is yes than i think we go to the SB if not than i think the NFCCG appearance is a possibility
  3. mcnabbs skillset has fallen off so much that idnk if he is even worth the time..
  4. what would it cost to get mccoy in a trade?
  5. our MLB situation is still rather scary.. can mike peterson play MLB if dent was to go down again?
  6. pj was good but we need that to translate into the reg season.. time will tell!
  7. ewing going down sucks his loss is not the end of the world.. mike cox is a capable fullback. Im glad the dent situation is only a concussion so we know he will most likely be back by the fourth preseason game and definitely by week one of the regular season.
  8. Dominique davis while he made mistakes showed way more promise than the slow moving, dirt throwing JPW
  9. you didnt answer my question of what GM you think we should go after. I can accept that TD needs to go if i am provided with a viable alternative if not he stays,
  10. hey at least swift would have gotten us vernon gholsten! what a beast! i agree with you on that
  11. what GM on the market is waiting in the wings to be the falcons savior?
  12. i feel like the fanbase for the falcons in general is pathetic. Its a struggle getting people to even give a #%$#. Also the transplants and people who like random teams at which they have utterly no ties or connections with is kind of annoying as well.
  13. of course you keep them this is the most success the falcons have had in their short history.
  14. Anyone who thinks Michael Turner is not going to be the starter this year for the falcons is out of their mind. Also any who thinks his 5000 yd and over 40 td career with the falcons has not been the cornerstone of this franchise is out of their mind. He will have less carries but he will be the primary back end of story.
  15. ill pass.. hes lost a lot of his speed and he likes to whine..
  16. does know one else think this is ridiculous?
  17. As a Falcon fan I find it troubling for someone who was involved in a pay to play scheme and who was disciplined for theft and kicked out of the university of Florida to have a street in Georgia named after him. Espc. When he plays for the panties. A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday night on a controversial proposal to rename a street in south Fulton County for football hero Cam Newton. While it might not be as bad as, say, Nick Fairley Boulevard, the proposal doesn’t sit well with some of the residents of the road. As critics have pointed out, even though Newton played high school ball at nearby Westlake High, he played college ball at Auburn and now plays for the Carolina Panthers, a division rival of the Falcons. According to a story last week by the AJC’s Johnny Edwards: Several longtime residents of south Fulton’s Scarborough Road are irked that the county wants to change their street name in honor of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who has family living there. At a public hearing last week, neighbors said it would cost them money to change their personal records, and that Newton, age 23, is too young to have a thoroughfare named for him. One woman invoked Newton’s theft arrest [when he was at Florida] and allegations that his father solicited money from a university recruiting his son. South Fulton Commissioner Bill Edwards said personal attacks on Newton’s family aren’t warranted, that he’s a Westlake High alumnus who “beat the odds,” and if residents don’t want Cam Newton Drive, the name will stay the same. The hearing will begin at 6 p.m. at the South Fulton Service Center, 5600 Stonewall Tell Road. What’s your view: Change the street to Cam Newton Drive or retain Mr. Scarborough’s name?
  18. hopefully he is not a cap casualty i do not think we can afford to get rid of him.
  19. why would i be against a QB that has never had a losing season in his career? Also he is the only quarterback that we have ever had that actually makes us relevant year in and year out.
  20. he got benched before the descent into darkness could fully begin.
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