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  1. agreed if hall was more of a team player and focused on his craft and not his ego he might still be on this team
  2. hall was never as good as he was made out to be but also never as bad as some people on this board make him out to be. what got him out of atlanta was his mouth and his selfish personality not his play. hall was a good but not great corner for us.
  3. big ben is quietly hovering around 300 lbs lol
  4. im not too worried but not too impressed either.. hopefully he pulls his thumb out of his butt
  5. davis outgunned and outclassed jpw and redman the falcons better not put him on the practice squad or another team will pick davis up. mark dominik is notorious for stuff like that
  6. i know!! i really hope this doesnt carry over into the regular season because a call like that could cost us a game
  7. what does everybody think about the phantom facemask call on babs. the penatly lead to a field goal by the bengals. i hope that the scabs at referee can get it together or this season is going to be ugly
  8. turner looks lethargic.. idk if hes tiptoeing because its preseason or what but his play this preseason has been pathetic. The oline other than the full house blitz play has been mediocre. on the blitz play i believe ryan could have adjusted or audibled to something different after seeing the defense.
  9. grady jackson grady jackson grady jackson
  10. i said this yesterday. I agree our backup qb situation is scary right now. i wouldnt mind gettin colt and cutting redman and jpw and signing davis to practice squad.
  11. if JPW makes it through the first round of roster cuts i might vomit in my mouth a little bit.
  12. moore has really come into his own as a player. i was pleasantly suprised at his level of play last year.
  13. really i saw james out of position and get burned a couple of times. i would crap myself in fear if he was our starter
  14. MM was too arrogant to shift away from his ground and pound philosophy
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