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  1. while i belive the falcons will have a winning record and make noise in the playoffs this reeks of homerism
  2. priceless lol that injury still pisses me off
  3. we are debating genres of music and the WWE? d$$$ this season needs to start!
  4. i respect manning and what hes brought to the league i hope he recovers fully. i would love for the falcons to beat him while hes at the top of his game.
  5. chad can still play the game. i honestly believe the domestic violence charge was embellished. his ex wife has notoriety for being a gold digger. anyways i have always been a chad fan but he cannot be in a complicated system and hypothetically the falcons would have to put up with his mouth watch never stops moving. personally i find him hilarious.
  6. ahhahah thats funny... i think theres about as much chance of that happening a jpw beating out matt ryan for the starting job
  7. davis as the number two.. he has the most upside.
  8. good grief its preseason.. most veterans play sloppy in preseason anyway..
  9. anytime adam shefter suggest something my ears definitely perk up.
  10. The problem with asking for a trade, is it's not likely going to change the stance of the Jaguars. Owner Shad Khan is a smart business man, and if he was not willing to cave on giving Jones-Drew a new deal, why would he cave and allow Jones-Drew out with a trade? Facilitating the trade over a contract dispute would would be caving all the same as caving with a new contract. Not to mention the fact that Jones-Drew has absolutely no leverage whatsoever. Unless the Jaguars are blown away by an offer, and even then, the likelihood of Jones-Drew being traded is slim.- per SB NATION
  11. i hope both but if i had to pick one for a breakout i would say jerry
  12. lights out needs to shut the door its been a good run..
  13. that list is bs.. john kuhn and timmy tebow give me a break
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