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  1. offense: B+ our offensive line is my only concern. Defense: B- our defensive line and linebackers looked very good imo the secondary is and unless someone steps up or we get someone will be the primary issue.
  2. unless we could nab him for peanuts or a salami sandwich it wouldnt be worth it.
  3. james sanders of the patriots makes a lot more sense to me. Hes young and obviously has some mental capacity for the game if you look at his stats and his performance this last year. I say give him a look.
  4. people say this every year about turner. What does he do? get right around or above 1000 yds and double digit touchdowns. he will be fine. Look for snelling and rodgers to be involved more this year then what you would think. Turner is a skinny version of brandon jacobs and turner will need his carries monitored but is he declining i think not.
  5. Tebow brings too much hype and imo is overrated. This would do nothing but be a distraction for this team. no thanks.
  6. ok explain to me how a old and worn out safety is going to help this team.
  7. sharper against the seahawks last year looked like he had lost a step.
  8. the 0-16 lions won all of their preseason games to go on to have the worst year in league history. yes there has been sloppiness in the first couple of preseason games but that is what preseason is for. To try different things give people different looks and allow players a chance to make mistakes so therefore when they do you can correct them and build upon the game film. The falcons have issues but it was edwards first game back and dunta was hurt. Is corner depth an issue? at this point yes but i still have faith that franks will get better. Darrin walls (sp?) has shown promise imo as well.
  9. While turner needs to run harder, it is the preseason. The offensive line regardless of what people say has not played well in any phase of the game. Ryan has been running for his life. Did the protection improve after the intial first couple of drives against the steelers? yes it did but largely in preaseason the o line play has not been good.
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