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  1. ignore all vick talk we can discuss vick week two. trust me the board will be so flooded with vick talk everyone will want to gouge out their eyes.
  2. all the major pass rushers we face this year are salivating at the chance to go up against sam "revolving door" baker. our ability to hit the deep ball and be explosive hinges on good protection this year and so far i have not seen enough consistency in that area. I really think we need to make a play for the best LT available in the draft next year. If there is one remaining piece it is that. -
  3. ill root for the texans because i like a lot of their players espc. schaub since he is a former falcon
  4. dj shockley would have been a better third qb then jpw. i said that from the day they released shockley till now. alabama does not produce nfl qbs. they produce glorified game managers at best a jpw couldnt even do that tonight.
  5. http://tucsoncitizen.com/morgue/files/2008/12/l105088-1.jpg[/img kelvin is ready and yes he is a upgrade over brian williams
  6. i take the sign of trolls as it being the fact that the falcons are a competitive team in the league. The more you see trolls the more you know that the opponents in this league fear the falcons. To be honest though i think this team plays best when it flys under the radar and i hope once the season starts the resume that identity.
  7. agreed hayden will be in a man coverage role early on. sanders might take more time though. our defense is set. no worries and no excuses. offensive line though? im not so sure.
  8. [quote name=Julio+Roddy+Harry=' timestamp='1314832173' post='6308847] Franks is so far gone its silly, franks is in germany as we speak and heading for the bermuda triangle franks hasnt been here as long. hes alloted room for error. owens has had every opportunity to show something and other than a decent freshman campaign has not.
  9. depth should not be an issue on defense anymore. not worth the effort for discussion. we are stacked. what we really should be talking about is the offensive line play which i think has been mediocre at best.
  10. Gruden is a has been. he won the superbowl yes but he knows little about football operations and struggled to build upon the team dungy had established before he arrived. do i respect the guy? yes but i dont put very much stock into his predictions. on air as a analysts it seems like he likes everybody and generally isnt overly critical.
  11. i think we will win enough to get a wild card slot. idk if thats 9, 10, or 11 wins but whatever is just enough to get where we are involved in the superbowl hunt. i really do think we will have a nice run in the playoffs this year.
  12. i think sanders will push for decouds job. the real question is what is the status of darrin walls? is he progressing and will he make the team? if he does i think he could eventually be our nickel. hes had a few bright spots in preaseason so far.
  13. lofa and kelvin would be great pieces for a team trying to win it all
  14. OMG seriously, I can understand some of the owens hate but franks hasnt had enough actual regular season experience for me to be like ok hes defnitely not going to cut it. i remember when people thought william moore and brent grimes were worthless and what do you know they turned out to be the two best players in our secondary.
  15. i like this idea a lot turner has no business being in the game in preseason.
  16. signing james sanders makes a lot more sense then sharper. sanders provides quality depth and leadership for a few years while sharper would be nothing more than a stopgap solution.
  17. i think i saw him as well. oh dear God for all that is holy why is he there? people hated on crisp houston but jason webster made houston look like a pro bowler.
  18. as i said earlier in the day i like the idea of bringing james sanders in. He has been on a defense that demands a lot from its players and comes from a team that has established itself as a consistent winner. Plus its a low risk move and may not hurt the cap space.
  19. idk much about sharpers character but i dont see him wanting to be a coach or even a backup. The guy from what i can tell still has the starters itch and isnt going to be buried in the depth chart.
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