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  1. i really think it would be a mistake if he went on practice squad.
  2. i wouldnt mind putting dent back on the bench for run downs and playing peterson..
  3. well maybe he will get another shot with us. what was his injury?
  4. i really want him gone. walls deserves his roster spot.
  5. we couldnt crisp owens or jpw be cut instead of him? man this sucks
  6. i really liked the guy.. he really showed me something his rookie year and i think he has a chance to be a good corner in the league.
  7. i dont think hes better than svitek
  8. swift always says TD never finds a gem well i think he just found one
  9. what players do you think are gone after this first round of cuts?
  10. what do yall think this trade that jim irsay is talking about entails?
  11. is it bad i like him better on passing downs than ray edwards?
  12. the ghost of kerry meier fears no living mortal. his dwelling is in the bowels of flowery branch!
  13. busterson might take you out to lunch with that comment.
  14. Redman is looking up career openings at statefarm and GEICO. JPW has a mangina.
  15. so do yall think he makes the final roster?
  16. i thought jake long kind of got manhandled. and richard marshall looked no better than vontae davis.
  17. so no one liked the sack and forced fumble?
  18. he still needs work on run defense but as a pass rusher im telling you this guy has what it takes. in limited snaps last year he got more sacks than edwards.
  19. he looked real impressive tonight! did everyone agree? other than abraham i think he is the best pass rusher on our team.
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