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  1. the eagles and a win next week

  2. its a long season thats for sure. we need a win next week though to get back on track
  3. we had 400 yds of offense today and could not score! thats o line play and our inability to est the deep play downfield because of pressure.
  4. poor oline play today was not an excuse it was a downright fact! 5 sacks 11 Qb hits idk how many hurries. it wont matter whether you like ryan or not because if we play any more games like that your gonna see redman a lot more.
  5. im not worried about julio or how we will use him. the story of today was our teams mistakes, turnovers, and horrific o line play.
  6. if baker cannot make a transition to guard tell him thanks but no thanks. not having mcclure killed us as well as ovie getting hurt. garrett reynolds must eleviate his play as well.
  7. i like schaub but without Ryan i we would have none of the pieces we have now. This is a good team that played extremely sloppy football and has crappy o line play. decoud should have had those interceptions. Ryan is a good qb this team put up four hundred yards of total offense we feel apart because of penalties, turnovers, crappy o line play, and not taking advantage of our opportunities.
  8. they are both really good i think abe has a better supporting cast though imo. abe is already reaping the rewards of having an improved D-line and secondary.
  9. i tend to try not and get caught up in stuff like this. is it exciting yes? heck ya its exciting! I just try and take things one week at a time and go from there. The falcons right now are concentrating on chicago so lets focus on that.
  10. while tony isnt as explosive as he was when he was younger i still think he is a viable number one TE. hes the definition of a professional and a good leader. Tony well have more red zone opportunities this year imho. i wished we would have drafted virgil green or julius thomas but there are good athletic pass catching TEs available every year in the draft.
  11. he has a andre johnson type work ethic and character and i like that.
  12. dont worry jpw is very replacable and is not the cornerstone to this team. could you imagine him having to make reads and work an offense with mathis and freeny coming after him. What a disaster that would be.
  13. dont forget the ravens game suggs was beasting.
  14. to be honest harrison ate bakers lunch in that game.
  15. while the south will be hotly contested i do believe the falcons will win it. i see us going 10-6 to 11-5 and winning the division. we will win a playoff game this year unless we are devastated by injury. bank on it.
  16. sam bakers play may turn ryan to the DARRRRRKKK SIDDDEEEEEEE lol
  17. i was hoping we would look at jared gather(sp?) in the offseason.
  18. i hope so and i hope matt makes it through another year of this bs.
  19. the JPW experiment needs to end. bring in someone that can compete with redman not the joke that is jpw. JPW excelled in college through having an excellant defense and superb running game. he is a glorified game manager at best and he couldnt even do that for us. good riddance.
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