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  1. it was a terrible, sloppy, mistake ridden game but i am and always will remain a falcons fan through and through. bandwagoners to often have forgotten about how years like 2003 and 2007 were. Until recently the falcons were in the football dark ages and now that they have had success people act like if ryan is not a clone of brady and all our corners dont turn into darrelle revis then we are screwed.
  2. i totally agree the primary achilles heel of this team is the o line i will continue to harp on this all year! Falcons fans need to have a little bit of faith smith does really well getting the team ready to play after a loss. The NFC south is going to be a tight race there will be 3 teams with a winning record but i think 10 wins will win this division this year. Falcons 10-6 saints 10-6 bucs 9-7 count on it!
  3. this season is still young lets actually see a little bit more of jerry as a bonafide starter b4 we cast him into the pile of rubble.
  4. while we are at it lets call up cory hall and bring him back and trade a pick or two for bryan scott oh yes what a stud!
  5. fire dunta right now!!! elevate owens to nickel and hayden to number one!!! or bring back juran bolden!!! remember him??? he got some ballskills!!
  6. i like vance walker i think he will hold up just fine
  7. yes are at least 2 min drill early on he has shown this method to be successful
  8. i shudder at the thought that this could be MM's heir to the throne
  9. our defensive line was not the problem last sunday and in fact one of the few brightspots.
  10. he is but he has enough capital built up to where they will do nothing to him. if we are one and done in the playoffs or miss the playoffs entirely mm or bvg or both will be gone. i worry about that though because i could see our qb coach becoming oc and that is scary.
  11. held up fine this guy doesnt have enough on the field reps to cast judgement ill let you know what i think after the season.
  12. i agree i dont really care what are win total is as long as we get the wins necessary to get to the playoffs and be competitive thats it.
  13. you will see a different product come sunday. hopefully kelvin hayden will be ready and we get mcclure peters and ovie back.
  14. im sure youll have your mike vick eagles jersey on sunday. You will be in the stands screaming "we want vick! We want vick! "
  15. i sure wouldnt have. The division is going to be competitive to the very end. I said it once ill say it again three teams will have winning records but a ten win team will win this division.
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