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  1. first off what a great game. That was a bitter dogfight by both sides and both sides need credit because we witnessed two great and highly talented clubs. But ive said this once and i will say this a thousand times, BVG plz stop dropping defensive ends into coverage. We have abraham perhaps one of the better pass rushers in football and you take him out of the play and make him cover a tight end or slot receiver? WTH are you thinking? we pay abraham and edwards for their pass rush ability so lets continue to focus on that and leave coverage up to the linebackers and secondary. people like Arod and schaub are going to exploit this trust me. Again great game i think the falcons got their mojo back! Rise up!
  2. baker was an absolute disgrace... trent cole owned him the entire game. i cant offer one positive thing about his play today. if we want to remain competitive and keep matt from taking a hit that could end his career then we need to either bench baker or bump him over to reynolds spot and see how he fares there. svitek cant possible be any worse than sam baker.
  3. i still think mike smith is the right guy for the job. now Bvg is definitely on the hot seat. MM probably should be to but at least every now and then he wises up and lets matt run the hurry up offense (I.G ravens game).
  4. vick still has a piss poor oline and still wilts under intense pressure. one spy with various blitz schemes will not allow vick to get in a rhythem.
  5. and Reid will run a fack reverse to desean jackson or a screen to lesean mccoy and BVG will act as if hes never seen that b4
  6. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d8019e349/Buccaneers-27-Falcons-0 hopefully our gameplan will look something like this...
  7. we must have people other than "the predator" hunting vick all game. if not then the "we want vick we want vick" chants might drown out the night.
  8. hopefully vick will look like this most of sunday evening..
  9. for the fan base and the teams sake I hope we are all wrong...
  10. if we play BVG patty cake dfense we might be in for a rough night. or rely on our offense for a shootout.
  11. if i was BVG i would be analzing all vick v bucs game film. -_-
  12. i mean i think we are ok with peria and vance. also peters will most likely be back.
  13. do yall expect more of the same from this defense or will BVG implement a more agressive gameplan?
  14. hawly keeps that up and ryan is gonna get killed. looking under you legs when hiking kills your explosion and causes you to get blown off the ball. Trust me i used to play center.
  15. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/john-lynch-atlanta-falcons-michael-vick-blitz-the-quarterback-091311 discuss..
  16. haley definitely wouldnt coddle players or hold hands. if you want attitude and agression i would definitely consider haley.
  17. theres plenty of ryan support from this fanbase. its cool to like mike and all dont get me wrong but to allude that vick would have changed his ways as far as being a student of the game and not relying on God given talent alone if he was still here is a stretch. If vick hadnt gotten in trouble with the law he would still be the sub 3000 sub 60 percent completion qb who couldnt read a dfense to save his life.
  18. i have no hate towards vick as a player or as a man but the level of betrayal he committed to this franchise which did nothing but shower him in money and praise will be something that i will probably never forgive or forget. vick has handled this week correctly and i have no complaints about him since his comeback. I think the falcons will be better prepared this week and people will be suprised at the outcome.
  19. interesting, Rod woodson was brought in with the raiders to be a coach and so far it looks like its helped. At least based upon what i witnessed watching that game. I want someone who can instill nastiness on this team. I understand vangorders soft zone scheme but i think the only way you beat vick is through continual aggressionhttp://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/john-lynch-atlanta-falcons-michael-vick-blitz-the-quarterback-091311 i like john lynch's analysis when it comes to how you play vick.
  20. the quicker they can be involved on dfense the better. C owens only job should be to ride the bench and be greatful he has a paycheck.
  21. id be careful to jump to conclusions there. A vertical passing game most include a quality line so th quarterback can go through his progressions and allow routes to develop. how is this possible when melton caved in our pocket throughout the game. The int in that game was definately on matt it was a bad decision. But the fumble i cannot give him too much flack for because he was running for his life trying to make a play i can forgive that. Ovie being back this week will help more than people think im not counting on it but i hope mcclure can be healthy and ready to go also.
  22. meltons stats alone are enough evidence to show hawley got dominated
  23. finally a thread i wholeheartedly agreed with. This needed to be addressed and it hasnt. Baker is not the answer and im now regretting letting dahl go. when mcculre retires God help us.
  24. wow just wow... mularkey must have his head in the sand. our offensive coordinator can drive a man to drink sometimes.
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