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  1. slow off the ball. sloppy tackling. missed assigments. need i go on?!?!
  2. the old and crusty flozell adams would be better than baker right now!
  3. bump baker inside, to right guard and start svitek at left tackle couldnt be any worse!
  4. this game has been brutal to watch sloppy play, poor technique and no time in the pocket for us to make progressions and throw the ball dowsn field!
  5. we will not be competitive with this kind of play. matt is taking a unnecesary beating. when does the madness end? we have to make a change idk how idk where but something different must be done!
  6. i sure as heck am not taking the bucs lightly and i hope the falcons arent either. JB will grimes have Freeman's number this game?
  7. vick is gone and very concussed and he has the giants dline to contend with this week and not us so good luck with that mike. its time to move on from mike vick his redemption tours epic conclusion at the dome did not end to his and the vick hugging medias liking. boo hoo!! lets take the conversation to TB and I hope the falcons are not still hungover from the eagles game because the bucs are gonna bring it.
  8. i saw where hayden DNP becaue of a hamstring injury. is this precautionary and is he expected to play this sunday?
  9. VICK: o lawrd my head be all woozy.. ABRAHAM: another trophy for my living room! i mean.... mike you ok buddy?
  10. ive been trying to find it for most of the day and havent yet let me know if you find anything out.
  11. hey smart guy go back and watch the highlights it had nothing to do with kellen dragging bierman and everything with him beating him in coverage and bierman not picking up the route quick enough.
  12. most of his ints come from bone jarring hits that rattle his marbles. baker almost got ryan killed last night. he in the end had a great redzone performance and threw a career high 4 tds against the best set of corners in football.
  13. or you could have situation where bierman is covering a TE like kellen davis and gives up a touchdown
  14. the steelers run a completely different system and harrison is a hybrid DE/LB. A 3-4 is a lot different from a 4-3 and in the 4-3 a four man rush is vital to the success of the defense. What your saying is like comparing apples to oranges. Abraham is not a linebaker
  15. i have pretty good insight on the bucs because my former roomate is a huge bucs fan. The offense runs through legarette blount. if the falcons can build an early lead and take blount out of the game the bucs are not anywhere near as dangerous. The lions game this year is a huge example of this. We must also win the turnover battle. Freeman is generally pretty good about not making turnovers but if we can win this battle and not let people like aqib talib and geno hayes captilize on our mistakes we will be ok.
  16. it kills me that none of the holding or facemask plays on abraham were called all not by the refs. the officiating in that game was a little suspect. We won though so i wont complain too much.
  17. plz plz plz stop dropping DE's into coverage. Teams will exploit this time and time again. We pay abraham and edwards the big bucks to rush the passer and hunt the qb lets stick to that. If we keep this dropping the DE into coverage crap qbs like schaub,Brees, and Rodgers will rip us apart. does anyone agree with me?
  18. move baker to right guard, move clabo to LT and upgrade valdez or svitek to right tackle and i think you would see a better showing from our oline.
  19. i couldnt agree with you more yesterday was a disaster for sam baker. Trent cole made him look like he didnt belong. With teams sporting players like freeney, jared allen, clay matthews, and mario williams on the horizon i couldnt imagine us going through these games and not doing something about baker. If we choose not to make a change at LT it will be at matt ryans expense.
  20. can someone direct me to where i can find the video of cullen jenkins illegal hit on ryan. im in a heated discussion with an eagles fan concerning dunta and my argument is that if your going to suspend dunta then suspend jenkins as well. I need some ammunition help me out falcons fans!
  21. thats a loser mentality for people who try to use that as a excuse. The greenbay packers certainly didnt makes excuses last year when they were devastated by injuries.
  22. i have had no issues with turners play so far this year.
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