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  1. our conservative late game play is a smith thing and not an offensive coordinator thing
  2. i still have faith but corrections have to be made and darn weatherspoon has to get healthy!
  3. for people who say we havent lost a game due to run d chris ivory sure takes insult to that statement
  4. nolan is a huge factor in the secondaries improved play i will give you that. its like a night and day difference.
  5. robert mcclain has been a huge suprise this year. im excited to see how he progresses. but yes TD's short coming is in the trenches.
  6. we played one of the worst offensive lines in football and still had issues getting to the quarterback! god forbid the day abraham retires because when that day comes we are going to be a hurting unit. also ryan gets hit a ton because of our offensive line. when your line gets blown ten feet off the ball its hard to find a passing lane. a good oline may not always open up running lanes but our lane rarely ever does.
  7. dent up to this point has been non existent but i will give him credit i saw him make a few good stops today
  8. certain players have impressed me this year but the ones who have not have definitely stood out!
  9. dont get me wrong i have been happy with the secondary play and the linebackers for the most part but our pass rush is still nowhere near where it needs to be. how do the giants and steelers win superbowls? they can constantly get in the face and torment the passer.
  10. any semblance of a running game has become a thing of the past. i really dont think turner puts fourth 100 percent effort all the time though to be frankly honest. sam baker again today showed what the joke he is. also our interior lineman are overpowered and overmatched.
  11. if we do not build a team that can win in the trenches i doubt we make it to a super bowl any time soon. its hard to make a good pass when your lineman are blown ten ft off the ball every time! also turner is done as a player and our dline could not touch the quarterback if their life depended on it.
  12. buffalo can sweep the dolphins and jets and possibly split with the patriots. its not impossible for them to make the wildcard.
  13. for those of you who are tired of talk and are ready for sunday enjoy!
  14. well we all should remember the doug johnson kurt kittner debacle lol
  15. with no svitek we need this guy. OT depth i s weak. espc. if sam baker falters or gets hurt again. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000057982/article/bryant-mckinnie-in-limbo-after-failed-talks-with-ravens?module=HP11_headline_stack The Baltimore Ravens and starting left tackle Bryant McKinnie have reached a road block in their attempts to restructure his base salary for 2012, a source in McKinnie's camp said Tuesday. This leads to the fear that the Ravens will release the veteran, the source said. NFL Network and NFL.com reporter Albert Breer received a text message from McKinnie that read: "We couldn't come to an agreement on the restructure of my contract, which leads to me being released." Jeremiah: Inside intel Daniel Jeremiah grilled 20 NFL personnel officials about the 2012 season. Some of their insights might surprise you. More ... When asked if the decision was final, McKinnie responded via text: "Yes! They will announce it soon." McKinnie texted a similar statement to Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun andWNST.net in Baltimore. Moments later, Breer received another text message from McKinnie that read: "Not officially over yet just got a call." McKinnie is set to earn $3.2 million this season, which according to The Sun is already set to be garnished as part of a lockout-related lawsuit. The Ravens want to significantly reduce that, and McKinnie is not opposed to restructuring on some level. The source said McKinnie is open to a "significant" cut, just not as much as the Ravens want. The deal still could get done today, with McKinnie's camp holding out hope for a reworked deal, which looked unlikely at first. The sides are expecting a resolution at some point Tuesday. If McKinnie is waived, Baltimore would be looking for a new left tackle, and a talented option would be on the market. When contacted for comment, the Ravens did not have a definitive answer on McKinnie's status. The New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers and possibly the Chicago Bears could be interested in McKinnie if he hits the open market.
  16. the falcons will definitely beat the chiefs. i can say this with confidence.
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