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  1. FROM TWITTER Peyton Manning has been to the playoffs 11 times. He's lost his opening playoff game 7 times. kind of puts things into perspective with our team considering we have lost the past 4. i think we get our first win this weekend. RISE UP! @MoveTheSticks Daniel Jeremiah
  2. injury is the only threat of the curse your team missing the playoffs or having a losing record is the other.
  3. oh god no why would anyone do that. look at calvin johnson this year yes he broke jerry's record but his team was terrible.
  4. i think roddy, julio, and ryan all have a case. additonally i think william moore and decoud should be in discussion.
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000125147/article/allpro-team-headlined-by-adrian-peterson-jj-watt do you feel that any of our falcons got snubbed? plz discuss.
  6. idk i think if he didnt play well in practice we would have cut him by now and signed a udfa
  7. its just that as long as hes been a falcon hes been eternally da#$#$ to the inactive list
  8. heath becomes more and more irrelevant every time he speaks
  9. the trenches must be our focus. also id like to see lamar holmes get more playing time next year.
  10. other than corner i would say we have weak depth at nearly every position on the field. In the trenches other than our starters we have nobody. abraham is the only star on our line. clabo and blaylock are mediocre and baker is garbage while konz is raw and mcclure is over the hill. i was very jealous at how cam newton had a clean pocket for a majority of the game while ryan is getting pummeled or running for his life. turner other than maybe goaline and short yardage shoudl be benched for the rest of the season. he has gotten so slow that TJ duckett is sittin at home laughing. IDK why we wait till the second half to run primarliy our no huddle when ryan is more effective at this anyway. our linebackers other than spoon are mediocre as well and this must be addressed in the draft.. we really missed moore and samuel today i will be glad to see chris owens and hope go back to the bench.
  11. yea i understand i just want a versatile back he gives 100 percent effort and has good vision and who can stay healthy ball has all that imho
  12. is there any chance we can grab this guy in this years draft? or will he be gone by then?
  13. maybe noone will pick up his contract and he will become a free agent
  14. maybe finally we will find someone other than abraham on the line that can rush the quarterback
  15. well smittys style has made us pretty sucessful.. also a road win against a divisional opponent ill take it because those are never easy.
  16. to the people who dont think jaquizz can be a primary back they are smoking something and i want it
  17. there is no complete team in football just ones that are close
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