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  1. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7641895/new-orleans-saints-tag-drew-brees-exclusive-rights-franchise-tag Good news IMO sorry if posted already
  2. If you would have read what I just said I am letting it go it's not worth it. I think it's pathetic to call someones post "crying" when you can say that about 90% of the stuff on here if you want. I think you need to stop "crying" about my opinion... see ?
  3. I'm just going to let it go, their is no winning in discussing something this trivial.
  4. Good tips , I just won't even comment on the swift and other trolls stuff. Too many of his minions jump my case and bait me into childish discussions. I will just add to my ignore list and discuss falcons related stuff from now on.
  5. Oh my how the table was turned! I must be wrong about him he clearly likes Ryan and has no agenda thanks!
  6. The boards may not crash as much if Swift didn't post a "Ryan sucks" thread ever 5 minutes ? I can understand pointing out peoples short comings here and there when it's warranted but when it's always negative negative negative it's dumb. You don't see him here after a win, he comes after a loss to complain about Ryan or TD. I already blocked him btw a long time ago but I find it funny to see people back him up.
  7. Found it while looking at different uniforms doing some google searches, I love them I think they look great.
  8. Jacksonville had 25 TD's this year ... ATL had 46 this year according to nfl.com
  9. Incoming Drew Breesus pick this drive come onnnnnnn
  10. I think he just got hired for the Vikings staff
  11. Coach Smith not using a timeout before the first half is a prime example of how he coaches our football team.He was afraid to make a mistake, teams like that don't typically win. Tebow let er rip yesterday and look how that turned out for them. I would much rather take the chances knowing we gave it our best shot then to "play it safe" and lose without making a noise.
  12. Easy champ, not everyone is out to get you. People are so quick to defend Ryan even when this isn't about him being the sole reason for an absolute turd of a game.
  13. I completely agree,he did what they want I guess but it was horrible.
  14. Bingo lol I am just so sick of hearing utter BS like this. Hold people accountable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. On Ryan’s play Sunday: “Well, I thought Matt had a solid game. We had some tough situations that we weren’t able to convert. We needed to do a better job of converting on third down.” Really...
  16. We get embarrassed again,and it seems the owner/coaches/players don't care. I'm sick of hearing coach smith and blank give canned responses after this crap. It would be so refreshing to hear someone step up and say things are going to change,were going to fire this guy etc I just want some people held accountable.
  17. I used to be a troll like you,but then I took an arrow in the knee.
  18. Seriously you have something wrong with you... just bump one of your other "I hate Ryan threads" stfu already
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