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  1. Hopefully..... Maybe Brady's **** talking tears a hole into the universe, causing some type of reverse alternate universe to replace this one?
  2. Yep, starting to think Belichick was the muzzle on Brady for all those years.
  3. Lmao Brady's daily life now consists of ****ting on the Falcons. Falcons better come ready those 2 games of the season. They sure have more than enough ammunition.
  4. To be honest, I think it makes sense for the NBA. Remember who the NBA's biggest star is? LeBron. LeBron isn't getting any younger and may only have another 2 years playing at the level that he is known for. The NBA wants to capitalize on LeBron in LA while they can. Them just throwing away the season would be another lost season for LeBron and the Lakers. The NBA ain't having that.
  5. Yep Cardinals, Bengals, and Jaguars(the most bland in football) have worse uniforms than many of those bottom 5 listed.
  6. This list will change drastically over the next few seasons. One think all of these bottom 5 teams uniforms have in common is that all of them are very new changes. None of these teams uniforms are more than 2 years old. People will have time to get use to them.
  7. An actor just confirmed that he played Darkseid in the Snyder cut. https://www.ign.com/articles/actor-confirms-he-played-darkseid-in-zack-snyders-justice-league?amp=1
  8. Sounds quite interesting. If this turns out to be huge and receives much fan approval, then I think it could be bad for WB because it further complicates things. I'm saying that because fans will want to see more and they will have to somehow tie all these movies together somehow to the superior cut. I think Man of Steal, BvS(extended edition), Wonder Woman, and Aquaman could still tie well into Snyder's cut of JL if they play it off right. As for Batman, I'm sure fans would want to see more Batfleck if he is more like who we saw in BvS. They could tie everything together by letting Affleck handle old Batman and Pattenson be prequel young Batman. If massively successful, I don't see the Snyder cut being a one off because I think it was supposed to originally be 2 JL films under Snyder. People would want to see that 2nd JL film with them battling Darkseid like it was first planned.
  9. Yep, I honestly think most fighters are still on something to gain an edge. It just may not be traditional PED's. I think the chase to clean up sports will always be a cat and mouse game because there will always be new and innovative ways to cheat. Cheating always evolves.
  10. Just saw that Cejudo's manager said that he isn't really retiring. Cejudo wants to get paid more and want Dana to pay up. Probably wants to be the highest paid fighter. Him retiring was just a bargaining chip he used.
  11. What's up with Berry? Any interest from teams on him has been very little to non-existent.
  12. Yeah, this wasn't gonna be one of those documentaries that was going to put much negativity on MJ. I think it was already pre-agreed to. Plus it's ESPN lol. It was more of a way for MJ to explain his point of view than anything. I saw a report where Horace Grant was pissed off that Jordan accused him of leaking info to the journalist for the "Jordan Rules" book that was published after seeing the episode. It kind of reminds me of the NWA movie "Straight Outta Compton" that came out a few years ago and how it portrayed Dr. Dre more in a positive light than the rest of the characters. Dre has about as much or even more negative baggage than Cube, Eazy, Ren, and others but the movie made Dre look more like a boy scout than what he really was at the time. Not saying it's 100% what happened in this documentary, just saying that's usually what happens when you have a movie or documentary of this magnitude focused strongly on one person instead of more on a group.
  13. Yep That's what was so special about Jordan's era. The entire NBA was on a more even playing field because elite stars were more spread out. Many teams had a bonafide star along with a complementary star. NBA Jam used to be 🔥 back in the day even though Jordan was never on it.
  14. True about the East, but Kobe and the Lakers still had to play in a stacked Western conference to get to the finals. That's similar LeBron playing in a not so good Eastern conference and dominating all the way to the NBA Finals for many years. MJ played in a pretty stacked Eastern conference, but also had to beat some really good Western teams in the Finals.
  15. LeBron is the more dominant overall player than Kobe in talent and in the ways he can affect a game. Kobe is the more dominant player in crucial times. Kobe's will and mentality was more like MJ as in he's gonna take over no matter what. LeBron has no problem allowing someone else help win the game for his team.
  16. I don't know, JD probably right. Jordan is competitive to almost insanity. I remember Longley in one episode saying that Jordan wanted to play cards with them just to say that he has their money in his pocket. Even if it was just $1 a hand lol. There are plenty tales of MJ trying to turn just about anything into a competition with just about anybody.
  17. What about Kareem? He could be in the conversation as well.
  18. Yeah Shaq went off in those finals, but I still don't think Shaq would've won those NBA titles without Kobe. Kobe became even better after Shaq left.
  19. You gotta give Kobe a good bit of credit for those 3 NBA titles with Shaq though. That was the main reason why it became a rift between Kobe and Shaq. Kobe wanted to no longer be discredited by playing with Shaq. Kobe still went to 3 NBA finals and won 2 NBA titles without Shaq. That's even with LeBron in the league. Iverson, Garnett, and Duncan all lost to Kobe in an NBA Finals.
  20. I wouldn't exactly say since Jordan. Kobe was pretty good. Kobe was basically Jordan Jr.. Mirrored MJ quite a bit. Kobe often is the underrated/forgotten man in the Jordan vs LeBron debates.
  21. Yep, much animosity. More so on Frazier's side because Ali tried to apologize to him for a long time but Frazier wasn't having it. Frazier finally forgave Ali not too many years before his own death.
  22. Frazier won the 1st fight. It was the 1st fight Ali ever lost. Ali won the last 2 of the trilogy. Frazier still went at Ali the 2nd and third fight, but I think him winning the 1st one and giving Ali his 1st loss ever kind of took some of his anger away a bit for those last 2 fights.
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