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  1. 0% chance. Too late to make any significant changes. Everyone will be gone after the last game of the season.
  2. Take a good look at his name. Tells you all you need to know. Hopefully he's entertaining lol.
  3. Hey, gotta get it how you live. Some of the most freaky things happen in the Janitor's closet 😆
  4. I would definitely let her help my bill get passed into legislation.
  5. Sad to hear @papachaz , sorry for just now seeing this. My prayers and condolences to your wife, you, and the entire family.
  6. Bears are a good team who badly needs a QB. Their team is pretty solid outside of the QB position.
  7. Yep, some also have a hard time separating Madden from reality as well.
  8. @FalconsIn2012 is a good dude lol. He's extremely passionate about the Falcons and love feedback from us on this board. He's not like one of those posters who posts nonsense. We know who they are.
  9. Yeah, he's got some arrogance about him as well. Not Aaron Rodgers level arrogance, but carries himself with a bit of it.
  10. Like who though? Veteran former HCs who have had success aren't easy to come around unless they're really old and their time has past.
  11. Dungy is a dinosaur and don't want Cowher who took 15 years just to win a SB with the Steelers. The difference between them and Gruden outside of age is that Gruden stayed breaking down X's and O's on a constant basis even during his off time from announcing MNF. Also, the Raiders needed a big name for their move to Las Vegas. Al Davis said years ago that Gruden returning to the Raiders as HC would be over his dead body. Well......... I'm sure he's turning fits in his grave right now.
  12. Yes, but that also determines what direction the Falcons would likey go draft wise.
  13. Don't really know because we have yet to know who's gonna be the new GM, HC, and the schemes and philosophies that they will have.
  14. I get the frustration but the season is almost over and it really doesn't even serve a purpose at this point. The Falcons are only getting a new OC when everyone is fired after the season as expected.
  15. That's nothing. Wait until January when the Saints choke. Then their fans complain about how everyone is out to get them and wanting to take legal action like anyone really cares that their favorite team lost a football game. ...... I'm getting my coffee ready.
  16. I don't think so. Not yet. By now having a 7th seed with a rumored potential 8th seed depending on the impact of the schedule with Covid, it's going to take longer to be eliminated than what we've been accustomed to seeing.
  17. Yep, John Elway and his father helped force his hand when he was drafted by the then Baltimore Colts. Elway threatened to forgo his NFL career and play major league baseball if the Colts hadn't had traded him.
  18. I remember Jake Locker deciding to return to University of Washington despite being the consensus #1 pick over Sam Bradford for the 2010 draft with the Rams picking 1st overall. Turned out to be a bad choice for Locker though.
  19. Fields is likely going #2 unless Lawrence decides he doesn't want to be a Jet and opt to stay in school for another year. Which would probably put Fields at #1, unless he runs from the Jets also and stay in school.
  20. Continue watching the Falcons as usual and waiting to see who's the GM and HC before I worry much about the draft.
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