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  1. What are the chances for Reddish to play game 1. Might need him to put on Kris Middleton.
  2. The most logical thing for the Sixers to do is to find a way to ship Simmons off. His stock is at an all time low and his contract will be a problem though. My honest opinion, Doc Rivers may want him to stick around because Doc makes really dumb decisions when he's desperate.
  3. I saw Skip Bayless' twitter and he mentioned pretty much how Embiid was doing too much mid-range shooting and 3-point attempts instead of posting up and dominating Capela in the paint like he did most of the season. Embiid needs to blame himself for playing mostly a fineness style when everything was on the line in a game 7.
  4. True I don't even think a sports psychiatrist can do anything at this point. He's terrified of the pressure of playing offensively. I don't understand how he got this way. There's been many NBA players who've sucked at shooting and free throws but still continued to try and played aggressively on the offensive side of the ball. Even Dennis Rodman tried to play offensively when opportunities presented themselves.
  5. What rock did Josh Smith crawl from under? He's got a point about his coaching decisions and failure to make adjustments, but it must be something very personal between him and Doc to bring up Doc's marriage. ......just wow.
  6. So the fan petition to get her removed didn't work? I thought it was making progress?
  7. True, but let's hope these Hawks are different and continue the trend. Remember franchises like the Bulls, Spurs, Warriors, Heat, Raptors, etc. were losers until they finally won it all. This could be the Hawks time. No one thought the Warriors would shock the world and beat Lebron and the Cavs for the NBA title until they did. The Hawks still have to go through the Bucks just like the Bucks have to go through the Hawks. .......let's go.
  8. I think Randle was exposed a little bit though. He isn't a primary scorer like he was made out to be throughout the season.
  9. Never thought about that. You made a great point. But wouldn't that cause Simmons to get in the way of Embiid though?
  10. Round 1: Julius Randle......EXPOSED! Round 2: Ben Simmons......EXPOSED! Round 3: To be continued....
  11. Wouldn't be surprised. Simmons may have to stay away from watching television for the next few weeks until everyone is more focused on the NBA Finals.
  12. What about the Spurs and Coach Pop? I think he could develop Simmons enough to regain his confidence and have him playing at least decent.
  13. I don't know, that's tricky. He's gonna have to go to a team with an HC who's key on fundamentals. Gonna have to strip him down and rebuild him to regain confidence.
  14. Inside the NBA is in Atlanta but yet hasn't talked about how Atlanta won and is going to the ECF. I bet they'll talk about how the Buck will win the series and go to the NBA Finals. Shaq may ride with the Hawks though.
  15. Yep That was ridiculous. To be honest, Ben Simmons might be just damaged goods now. This loss doesn't do him any favors. He may need to get out of Philly as soon as possible.
  16. Trae is gonna be the most hated NBA player outside of Atlanta soon lol
  17. Did anyone else hear a Sixers fan yell "Trae Young I ******* hate you!" during Trae's postgame interview?
  18. ........ ......... ..... ...... ...... for a minute there..... ......YES lol
  19. Simmons needs to be cut right after the game if Sixers lose lol
  20. Stop leaving Embiid open at the 3 point line!
  21. Hopefully he'll heat up in the 4th. Hawks just need to pull away a bit. Just one more quarter.
  22. Yep, Huerter frustrating Curry a bit. Starting to notice a bald spot in top of Curry's fro. Hopefully that's sign of him starting to play like Seth again lol
  23. Simmons is close to unplayable offensively than any player in the NBA right now. Doc Rivers is gonna get fired again by being stupidly loyal to Simmons.
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