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  1. Yeah man, this one really hits me. I listened to "Grandma's Hands" often for year in memory of my own late grandmother who helped raise me. Also loved many of his other songs and hits as well. Rest in power Mr. Withers.
  2. It's the current logo
  3. They fight is off due to Khabib being on lockdown in Russia. Sucks for Ferguson because the man can can't ever get his shot at the real lightweight title. Rumors say that McGregor may replace Khabib.
  4. Yep, Fowler is a smart man. He's not putting any extra heat on himself by saying what he wants to do and not making the mistake about what he's gonna do. People eat that stuff alive, especially here lol.
  5. May I ask what happened? I knew of his father passing, but I'm not on Twitter anymore so I don't know about what has happened now.
  6. Yeah, but Fowler isn't trying to prove that he's a double digit sack guy, he's saying that he wants to do something no one has ever done but all pass rushers dream to accomplish. Which is get 23 sacks in one season. It's been quite a long time since Strahan broke Mark Gastineau's season sack record(with the help of Farve).
  7. That's very interesting. But that would go against what a guy said who claimed to had saw the Bucs new uniforms and described them as pretty much being their SB era uniforms with a few new updated touches.
  8. Prayers and love @GhostofGritz
  9. Yeah, I remember. Now Giants fans want the LT era uniforms back after seeing the away ones as their color rush lol. Giants current uniforms are extremely plain, especially their home blue ones. Still can't figure out why their current away jerseys have stripes on the sleeves but yet their home jerseys are just basic blue with the white NY logo on the sleeves and white numbers. Giants are the only team where their home and away jerseys are two totally different designs.
  10. Yeah, it would be great for the Falcons to revert back to more traditional uniforms that can become signature to the franchise. Cowboys, Packers, Bears, Redskins, Steelers, Chiefs, Raiders, Colts, and Lions(their design template for the most part) all have signature looks that have stood for over 50 years. Browns had a traditional look until their change to the recent abominations. Hopefully they get back to that in a modernized spin on their traditional uniforms like what the Niners and Bills have done. I think the Falcons should do the same with their new uniforms, whether they go with the red, black, or both uniforms in a modernized update.
  11. It still holds because those things are the very fundamentals of football that will never change as the game of football changes drastically on the surface. Those 4 keys to success will remain true in football no matter what era, past or present. They're etched into the very fiber of the sport.
  12. I think he's getting plain confused with traditional. Those uniforms listed aren't plain, they're just not overly busy in design and are classic because they are more traditional in their ability to be current in any era with just light alterations that aren't that noticable.
  13. Having uniforms that try to get too creative are usually the breeding ground for disaster. Take Bucs and Browns most recent uniforms for instance. As for being too plain, the Giants uniforms for about the last 2 decades are a huge example of being so plain that they were a huge step down from the Lawrence Taylor era uniforms. Those LT era uniforms are classics.
  14. How can you say they look good because they are classics, but yet think they are ugly? They wouldn't be labeled classics and still worn today if majority of people thought they were ugly.
  15. But they aren't ugly, that's why they've stood the test of time and are still looked at as the best uniforms in the NFL today. Classic means they aren't ugly and are actually great. I would put the Bears, Colts, Raiders, and Chiefs in that category of classics as well. Niners and Bills had to revert to the past to take a modernize spin on their most classic uniforms.