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  1. How did Julio visit him as soon as he was released then? Julio was in Cali at the time as well?
  2. I think the physical is probably the only thing holding up the "official" announcement. I think it gets done soon because Gurley did say that Julio came to visit him when the Rams released him, which means Gurley is already in Atlanta or close by. I think Gurley has a spot in Atlanta already.
  3. Where have you been man??? I know times are hard, but dayum...
  4. I used to work for 2 different foundries that used respiratory masks because of the particles, debris, ash, and dust. They used to have them available to just grab when needed, but I think they started putting them in vending machines so only current employees can get them. I do have connections to possibly swipe some from the warehouse if one of my buddies who is a leadman still works there. I don't know if they are currently on shutdown or not though.
  5. The rule changes under Goodell alone made it easier for offenses. During Peyton's first 5 years defenders could really punish and impose their will on offenses. Offenses now don't really have to deal with that threat to that degree. WRs can catch passes on defenders that would've had bad repercussions almost 20 years ago which wouldn't have been penalties and less completed catches. These rules are the reason why scoring and inflated offensive stats have gone up over the years.
  6. Surprised Bucs aren't in the top 5 based on how they are this season's flavor of the year now.
  7. No different than what y'all Saints fans did a couple of years ago after going 7-9 multiple seasons.
  8. Yep, who can forget Brees hitting the slowest spin move ever and it worked lol
  9. It's possible, but Bill O'Brien may have some leeway with the ownership because he's the GM also. They may allow him start all over one more time.
  10. Pretty much the beginning of the end. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Anderson was never the same after that.
  11. Please no to 32. The Falcons have had bad luck with that number. Jamal Anderson, Jerious Norwood, Jalen Collins.
  12. I noticed the writer negatively mentioned the Fowler signing when giving his thoughts on both the 1st and 2nd round picks lol. Saying the Fowler signing may not work out and the other saying that the Falcons overpaid.
  13. The NFL has been slowly softening up on the rule throughout the years though. I remember when WRs couldn't wear numbers 10-19. They just started allowing LBs and DEs to wear numbers in the 40's a few years ago.
  14. Yeah, but the bad thing about it is that Floyd Jr. and Floyd Sr have a very on and off relationship. Didn't Floyd Sr. offer to train De La Hoya when he was getting ready to face Floyd Jr.?
  15. Wonder who takes over for Roger? Floyd Sr? @FalconsIn2012 do you know if there's been any announcement about that?