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  1. Tragic I wouldn't prefer a 78 year old to be riding a motorcycle, but at least he did what he loved to do.
  2. Man, Howard Mudd was one of the best o-line coaches during his time. RIP
  3. How can I forget lol I remember sitting at a friend's house who bought the PPV and had watch party. I was confused at first about what just actually happened until they showed the replay. Everyone was like WTH just happened lol.
  4. I thought they were dead as well. Especially Hal Williams. Good to hear they are still with us.
  5. Noooooooo!!!! Not Woodrow/Ned the Wino. RIP. He may have been the last of the main/often recurring cast members of Sanford and Son who was still alive outside of Lamont(Demond Wilson).
  6. Yeah, Hollyfield was going to be Tyson's original opponent for this bout but they think it could still be a huge draw whenever the situation changes and people are way more comfortable filling a packed arena because of their names and history with each. I agree, boxing is more of a mental and emotional sport than it is physical. Crowd reaction plays a huge role and can help swing momentum between the fighters.
  7. Yeah, Shia LeBeouf is that actor who pretty much goes through a transformation in his personal life just to fit into his roles on screen. He's an highly obsessive method actor. Christian Bale, Jared Leto, and even Marlon Brando are/were those type of actors. They all go through a transformation and tend to rub people the wrong way because they take their roles more seriously than most actors.
  8. Is LaBeouf still a mental case? As for X-Men, they may have a reboot like how they did Spiderman. Can LeBeouf pass as someone in their later 20's?
  9. It's supposed to take place at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. It's an outdoor stadium. The fight has now been postponed till November 28th. I think it's because they may try to get a little crowd to attend the fight if possible. Not being able to draw a huge crowd how things are right now is probably the reason why Tyson didn't fight Holyfield for the 3rd time as originally planned.
  10. Mike Tyson looks great at 54 years old and will be facing Roy Jones Jr. In an 8 round exhibition fight on September 12th. I've been seeing where Tyson has been having electric muscle stimulation treatment. Not sure if this is any kind of advantage, but I find it odd that only multiple known India media outlets are the only ones reporting on it right now.
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