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  1. The media and non-Hawk fans are scrambling trying to digest Trae. He's been a shock to their systems as he continues have one of the most dominant runs for player his age in NBA history.
  2. I honestly forgot about them. They would be the most recent until this season because all 4 teams left are actual teams instead of superteams.
  3. Yep, hope Hawks smell blood in the water and end this series early. Win game 2 and win at least 1 at home or sweep the Bucks altogether. Blow them off the court to make a statement.
  4. The Warriors 1st NBA title run under Steph was the most recent. Any team that wins the NBA championship this season will be an actual team. I don't really view the Clippers as an actual superteam.
  5. Would love for a stress free series. If Hawks take game 2 then the series is pretty much over because Bucks only survived from being down 0-2 against the Nets was because of injuries to Harden and Kyrie. Break the Bucks back game 2.
  6. I don't know. We all thought that when the Warriors won their first NBA title. Let's hope it does though. I want 90's NBA quality back.
  7. ..... ..... ..... ...... ..... .... .....not this time. Hawks are legit lol
  8. Trae is a superstar. ......stop saying the Mavs won the draft day trade.
  9. Dat boi Trae is a star. Soon he'll be the Darth Vader of the NBA.
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