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  1. Younghoes are always worth the money .....I'm sure Eugene Robinson agrees.
  2. Will the Falcons have the money to do that in FA though? Good pass rushers are very expensive. They would have to be pretty reasonable. Will there be any decent pass rushers who won't break the bank?
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if Falcons double dip at edge rusher 2 out of the first 3 picks of the first 2 rounds of the next draft. Probably spend all 3 on front 7.
  4. No doubt. Time for Atlanta to become the new LA! Already have the huge Hollywood presence and fair-weathered fans lol.
  5. Can't wait for the day Atlanta/GA becomes a successful sports market. Braves could add their 2nd WS without 2 of their best players Acuña and Soroka. Hawks look like a future force with young talent. Falcons in a transition/adjustment period and are currently at .500. Even the Bulldogs look nice in college football. Maybe GA sports are on the uptick?
  6. The NFL has caught up to the Panthers with Darnold rather quickly.
  7. Yep. To be honest, Pitts looks like Julio at the TE position. Also liked how Pitts used his body to effectively use his long wingspan to shield he catches away from defenders on those mid-deep passes.
  8. He threw it from around the Falcons 45 and Gage caught it maybe around the 3.
  9. Falcons will be able to focus mainly on defense during the draft with 3 picks in the 1st 2 rounds. Maybe even more if they are able to find a trade partner with their 1st rounder to move back a little.
  10. Yeah, GB 2 was a disappointment compared to the 1st one. I think it also was one of the reasons why Bill Murray didn't really want to do a third one.
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