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  1. Yep What makes it worse was Freeman talking about getting paid and speaking publicly about wanting to be the SB MVP. Only to be the guy on the wrong side of the biggest whiffed block in football history.
  2. Might've been lol. Have to go back and see which one was it again. But that whiff by Freeman was the most crucial screw up in Falcons history. That was the breaking point where Falcons could never recover from.
  3. Another thing that people fail to mention is that on the play where Freeman whiffed that block Gabriel was open deep down field on what would've been a sure td if he had caught it. That would've put the dagger in the game for the Falcons.
  4. I make the Ben comparison because of how he moves for his size. It reminds me of a young healthier Ben. As for Trask's arm, I don't think it's as strong as Ben's was but you never know until his arm is tested during his proday and workouts.
  5. It used to be a lot worse back when Banker left. Thanks to @JD dirtybird21 and @VTCrunkler for patrolling the boards so well now. I think Banker went ghost not too long after making Tuggle2 a mod.
  6. True I think it showed her blowing the security doors open and shattering that glass that was a couple of floors up, which she really did. Hayward used it to his advantage.
  7. People in the hood gonna find a way to whip up some kryptonite like crack. A black Lex Luther will be owning trap houses all across many hoods...
  8. Many racist are gonna lose their ****. A black Superman hitting motion pictures is a real reflection of change more than many will realize. The symbolization of it will have a huge impact across the world. Even more so than Black Panther.
  9. He went ghost a while back. It's been some years.
  10. Don't know why I said 2 years until Strange 2 in a previous post lol. Forgot that we're currently in 2021. What's wrong with me??? 😆
  11. Yeah, I noticed that as well. 122822 is more than likely 12/28/1922 after looking it up. That's the day Stan Lee was born. I guess that's a way to honor him due to no longer having him for cameos.
  12. Forgot about just seeing that Spider-man 3 comes out Christmas lol.
  13. I'm speculating. Just saying it's odd to have just a 9 episode limited series that leads into a film that comes out 2 years later. Just saying there's room for at least a season 2 or 3. A limited series could go longer than 1 season.
  14. I know that it's a limited series, but do you think that there's secretly a season 2 on the horizon before Doctor Strange 2 releases in theaters?
  15. Haven't seen Banker in a long time. Is he alright? Does anyone here know him personally?
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