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  1. Right now, they could be one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL. .... especially to opposing teams who are fighting for playoff spots.
  2. I think Quinn is still learning how to be an NFL HC. The stuff he has had to endure since the SB tragedy could very well end up making him better in the end if he is able to rebound and make the Falcons a serious SB contender once again.
  3. I hope not as well. But many people try to assert their influences and advice into high profile situations like this. Especially people who Kaep is trusting of. It just seems out of character for him to speak like he just did after being almost tight-lipped throughout everything up to this point publicly.
  4. Do you think what he said was scripted by Kaep, his agent, his attorney, or all of the above?
  5. His girl messed him up with the Ravens when she posted a picture of Ray Lewis and the Ravens owner alongside the pic from Django with DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson. Ray Lewis was trying to get Kaep a deal, but she f'd all that up. The Castro shirt didn't win him any favors for Miami either
  6. Yep No one would've even been in such an uproar about it and would've blown over if it wasn't for orangeman yelling anti-patriotism.
  7. Yeah, I can agree with that. The only problem I have though is that some of the owners were ok with it until it was announced by a particular person that it was "an act against the country", then the owners had a change of heart and gave into the stupidity.
  8. Yeah, Don't know why he chose to talk that much now after not being so vocal publicly about it overall. ......oh well
  9. What makes it worse was that the Bears traded up one spot just to secure drafting him lol.
  10. He basically told the NFL and 32 teams to man up and admit they've been keeping him out of the league and his workout proved that he still has the skills to offer a team. Basically the ball is in the NFL and the 32 team's court. He and his agent will be waiting.
  11. Yep I can't understand why or how teams stay with good to great defenses in their history for most seasons while the Falcons fail or struggle to even field an average at best defense.
  12. Depending on how Cam is health wise and game shape, Bears could be serious contenders with him at QB. With an average or really good Cam.
  13. Yep, Jackson's running ability is what makes him very dangerous. He leaves a lot to be desired as a consistent passer. He looks good now, but I think it will catch up to him and the Ravens in the postseason. They won't get the best of the Pats twice this season.
  14. True Cam may also be an option for the Bears as well depending on his health next season.
  15. I agree Too bad that Greg Roman is currently the OC for the Ravens, who already has Lamar Jackson and RG3 lol.
  16. Dolphins and Bengals are more than likely 2 of those teams.
  17. I 2nd this. Kaep isn't great, but I don't think he should continously be judged off of kneeling. It seems so petty when there's much worse going on in everyday America.
  18. Never thought Kaep was owed anything, but he at least deserves to not be prejudged in his attempt to make a comeback. Whether he ever gets another shot in the NFL should solely be based on his skill level and whether or not he could help a team. That's on him. Many players have done much worse and have gotten extra chances.
  19. He didn't disrespect the flag. I also have plenty of relatives who've fought and died for this country. He was trying to bring awareness to a situation. I'll admit, many took it past the message of awareness and tried to make it a fashion statement as time went on.
  20. Plenty of professional athletes and personalities are like that to be honest.
  21. At this point, I really don't know what is going on with NFL vs Kaep. But I don't really see why he's getting clowned for wanting more eyes on his workout to show as many possible that he has still been working on his skills as a QB. Isn't that the whole point of this? He's trying to sell himself to as many as possible for a potential NFL return.
  22. Just saw something about it on my ESPN news app alert(I got it because of ESPN+/UFC PPV, don't judge me). It says that Kaep moved it to 4:00 and a new location so more of the media could attend.
  23. Glad to see you back in good spirits Pappy!