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  1. To be honest, Trae is already a star. He will become an all-star in due time if he keeps it up and continues to progress.
  2. Yeah, but the future is certainly looking up though. If the Hawks could land Barrett or Reddish, then they will be a young contender to deal with in the near future. It could be worse, minus the Lebron stints the Cavs have been tanking every year pretty much.
  3. I still think the Hawk are tanking, but they are still looking competitive while doing so. I don't think they are tanking for Zion or the 1st overall pick.
  4. Even if he were to have a young girlfriend, it's all still basically the same because she would definitely not be with him if he wasn't cashing out.
  5. Well, that's a whole nother thing within itself. What if the females were underage?
  6. Atleast he waited after the SB. ....Looking at you Eugene. Why didn't Kraft fly out to Vegas and do it legally?
  7. They don't need him. They have Kamara, who does exactly what Coleman does but better.
  8. And just to think that the Colts had probably the worst o-line in football a season or two ago.
  9. Yep, it would allow players fresh out of high school to make a lot of money instantly without adding extra wear and tear to their bodies within the college ranks. That could be a game changer in professional football.
  10. If I were McMahon I would throw money at Urban's feet to coach in my new XFL league. He already has Bob Stoops as the HC for his Dallas team. Urban would bring instant headlines and could help recruit good college and pro players to want to come and play in the league.
  11. I'm pretty sure that Meyer could get paid really good in AAF. They have billionaire investors backing the league. People will also tune in to watch him because he is a huge name and the league could build on his back as a face of the league. Urban Meyer would be someone the AAF would love to get to try and add some legitimacy to their league in the eyes of the public along with Steve Spurrier, who I doubt is coaching in the AAF just for peanuts.
  12. Why do Georgia teams have such bad luck? Need to try and get a decent former HC from the NFL or college ranks that needs a fresh start. Maybe Urban Meyer could try his hand in the AAF if he decides to return to coaching.
  13. Why isn't Murray starting??? What does Simms have outside of his last name that made him the starting QB in the first place? Murray has accomplished more to date than Simms has.
  14. Imagine NFL Europe, but on a continent that actually gives a crap about american football. That is what basically what the AAF Football league is.
  15. He won't get out of Seattle. He is a key piece to the evolution of that Seahawks defense. They may be able to afford him because Earl Thomas isn't coming back.