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  1. To be honest, it's possible that Saints, Panthers, and Falcons all can make the playoffs this season.
  2. True, but having something more at stake like potentially the division or even a playoff spot makes it even more interesting. Regardless, this one of the most underrated rivalries in football no matter each team's record is.
  3. This is looking to be the 1st time in a while that both Falcons and Saints will be facing each other as actual contenders. Can't wait for those 2 games.
  4. I hope they end the season and possibly go into the playoffs with a top 5 defense. Top 5 or 10 defense, and an offense finally hitting their stride and living up to expectations would mean doom for all playoff teams if the Falcons were to get in.
  5. Russell Simmons is now being accused of sexually assaulting a then 17 year old model. http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-brett-ratner-russell-simmons-20171119-htmlstory.html
  6. Also an outside chance at the 2nd seed
  7. Need the Saints defense to play like the Saints defense on this drive and everything will be fine.
  8. Brees is due for a game ending int.
  9. The voodoo magic is wearing off. The Saints will stank once again.
  10. E....A...G..L...E...S Eagles?????
  11. But Kamara is better than McCaffrey lol
  12. Or will just use it on another DB.
  13. KC losing to NYG 3 - 6 How?????
  14. Who gets the ball at the beginning of the 2nd half?
  15. I think the Saints could ended up peaking at the wrong time. Teams just need to stop the Saints run game and wear their defense out.