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  1. I'm not going to lie that Foxx may be prejudice to an extent. But I can't say that is just flat out racist. If he was a pure racist, he wouldn't be dating Katie Holmes and being spotted out and about with her in public. Could you imagine Rush Limbaugh dating a black woman and being spotted out and about with her? He would lose 100% of his followers lol.
  2. He will also have to be paid soon. Probably will get the highest paid contract at the CB position. With Tru and Alford's contracts, it would be tough to have 3 CBs making over or close to 10mil along with paying a lot of the core players who's contracts are coming up.
  3. Jamie Foxx isn't racist. Tom Cruise was one of his close friends. My best guess is they aren't anymore.
  4. I won't believe the Pats are done until they fail to reach the AFCCG or SB. .....or Brady and Belichick retires.
  5. It seems that both Fox and ESPN are after Peyton.
  6. If Fox can land Peyton, that could be huge. Wouldn't be surprised if Fox is trying to make TNF a football tradition like MNF.
  7. Fox and ESPN are also battling to sign Peyton Manning as a primetime analyst. If Peyton is interested in a move to the booth, it's either MNF or TNF. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/02/16/report-espn-fox-both-trying-to-sign-peyton-manning-as-prime-time-analyst/
  8. Play-action is the art of deception. That is why as a defense you have to have LBs that are very disciplined. Exactly, LBs are run defenders first. Play-action is meant to exploit defenders instincts and lack of discipline. Just showing a defense that you are committed to the run could make a bit of difference. It just depends on how you set up the play-action and sell it.
  9. Why did Eugene Robinson just pop into my head??????
  10. Cam just got competition in the NFC South....
  11. Reminds me of an episode of the Boondocks.
  12. Jags new uniforms are supposed to be more teal dominant again. Similar to their originals. Say goodbye to the black and honey-mustard throw-up helmets.
  13. Jags are always changing their uni's. I think the Titans are changing theirs as well.
  14. To be honest, I had to look at the thread title again because thought it was saying "Jerry Glanville dead at 76" not "Jerry Glanville returns to coaching at 76". Not sure if Glanville has much to offer at 76 years old in today's game.