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  1. I noticed that Kazee was quite chatty with the Eagles receivers. Looked like he was getting a bit under their skin.
  2. McGary is gonna have to one up what Matthews did. Let's hope the victim will be a Saint. Preferably Lattimore.
  3. I thought Wentz was about to be put on the shelf yet again. He definitely got beat up a bit. ......I also see what you did there lol
  4. Wentz took some shots as well. That was why he kept having to be checked on once he got to the sidelines. Debo, Keanu, Clayborn, Takk, and Jarrett put some good hits on Wentz.
  5. Would've been a 3rd catch if Ridley had been able to bring in the ball on that deep pass in the endzone between double coverage.
  6. Yep Welcome to the boards bro
  7. Even Matthews got in on the fun. You could tell Bruce Matthews was proud of Jake. That DB witnessed a near death experience.
  8. Exactly. He will also need to rehab that thumb enough to regain mobility for him to comfortably be able to grip a football and throw it.
  9. Congress gonna get tired of this ****.
  10. Remember Brees is in his 40's now. You tend to not heal up as quickly as expected as you get older. Believe me
  11. I don't wish injuries on anybody. It could easily happen to the Falcons(again). I actually like seeing Brees play. Would rather see him lose a game on the field than lose one being on the shelf.
  12. Yeah, I was a huge Marino fan growing up. It's crazy to see how bad that franchise has gone down since the Marino/Shula era. It's like spending time at a top of the line luxury resort that was great, only to return back there 2 decades later and see it as a ran down building with windows boarded up and smashed in with the ceiling collapsing. The Falcon were pretty awful lol
  13. I'm not sure that implode is even a strong enough word for the Dolphins right now lol. I have never seen a team where just about everybody wants out by week 2 of the season lmao
  14. Yep, Teddy B looked awful. I was wondering why Joe Buck kept saying that he didn't have help, until I realized it was Joe Buck lol. Teddy B had the exact same weapons that Brees has, especially Thomas and Kamara along with most of that o-line even when Peat went down. Teddy had all day to throw on a good bit of his snaps but did nothing with them. He was too conservative.
  15. Yeah, Saints are screwed at QB until Brees returns. Conservative Ted will lead a crusade of good times for the rest of the NFC South.