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  1. Mack is holding out because he wants to get paid. Maybe he would settle this season and come out of a holdout without a new rich contract for a contender and deal with it after the season. The Falcons would consider that trade(what opposing team wouldn't?), while the Raiders would be laughing and move on rather quickly.
  2. It basically means just go home, its over, the point of no return. The point in competion where it's pretty much a forgone conclusion that the opposing team or person has lost. Example: The Falcons made Aaron Rodgers and the Packers "kiss the baby" during the 2016 NFCCG.
  3. Didn't Ocho officially change his name back to Johnson? I believe he did. Just can't fully remember.
  4. The man has went through a lot. Now he needs to come full-circle and flatten Drew Brees.
  5. Sorry for the lateness but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROMFAL!!!!!!!
  6. Didn't realize Anvil was 63 years old. Man I'm getting old.
  7. Yep, Conservatives. Lol
  8. Great analogy lol
  9. Sadly, that can be said for both sides. Can't win with being too much of either. But aren't Conservatives more so than Liberals though? They are called Conservatives for a reason. That's why I'm an independent thinker.
  10. Happy Birthday Poker! One of the best. Enjoy your day brethren.
  11. Calculus and Neurological Studies.
  12. To be fair, Willie D(who is a liberal) from the group Ghetto Boys had his Youtube social platform channel Willie D Live terminated. It has since been reinstated due to outcry from supporters and was reversed to a 2 week ban.
  13. I honestly think that Venom could still work in the MCU despite having rated R solo films. Many parents allow their kids or teenagers to watch rated R movies anyways as long as the R rating is strictly due to gore or extreme violence. No nudity or sexually suggestive language(which the MCU has made some sexual jokes in some their movies before). There are ways to meet in the middle and give everyone what they want. Have his rated R solo films show the full extent of Venom's capabilities while using him in the MCU movies to establish his presence in the cinematic universe. This same type of model could be used for potential Blade, Punisher, Moon Knight, and Ghostrider solo movies or TV show/MCU crossovers.