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  1. Just don't want to see the Panthers win.
  2. Welp In Wentz we trust now.....
  3. Just saw both the Aquaman and Shazam trailers. They both look pretty good. Maybe DC can have a cinematic future afterall. Should've done solo movies and thought about team-ups further down the line because I liked both Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. ........please don't get in the way and cut the movies to shreds Warner Bros!!!!
  4. Name a point in time where that wasn't the case? This board has always been a breeding ground for it. Especially when the Falcons are losing.
  5. After that Khabib/McGregor fight. WTF????
  6. My neighbor was trying to do the fatherly thing and help his 7 year old son with his homework just for the father-son bonding time. He had to stop doing it so much because he was causing his son to have bad grades lol. His son did much better on his own. The guy was wondering how are they teaching these kids nowadays lol.
  7. Yep, way different. Many of the schools give out laptops and tablets for children to do their homework on. They are building high tech schools now. It's weird because all we had were regular desks, pencils, pens, notebooks or paper, binders, old chalkboards or dry erase boards, and computers that are now laughable compaired to today's tech. It's crazy how school has transformed in such a not so long amount of time.
  8. The way the question was worded is awful. I'm also tired of the Christopher Columbus bs. How can you discover a place where people were already living? Anyways, high-five for your daughter ya_boi_J(I still don't know how to tag a name lol). She's schooling the school system and not letting them give her that Christopher Columbus bs that they forced on us back in the day. If I would've known better back then, I would've put Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan as the answer lol.
  9. Whenever I see stuff like this I get a little bit emotional. It gives me both happiness and sadness.
  10. If Takk keeps going at this rate with getting a sack in most of the games he plays in, he will be an All-Pro.
  11. Sadly, it can't really be defind. It is a really subjective buzzword that gets thrown around.
  12. True And Dak never was able to have success with Dez as Romo did. I honestly don't think it was all Dez when it came to his very steep decline. Despite Dez losing his speed, the man's game is way too physical for him to completely fall off the way he did.
  13. With how the Falcons luck has gone this season, Mack would've been yet another key defender on IR.
  14. Takk is going to show Jameis how it feels to be touched in a special place.
  15. It's like faking your own funeral in disguise and finding out people much rather have you dead than alive lol