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  1. I think we've found Brady's supplier.
  2. Well, you know that the owners aren't going to side against that. Expect other days of the week to follow. As well as....... International teams(London first) An 18 game season ...and additional playoff games It's coming because the owners love $$$$$
  3. By the way, sports has always had ties to politics in some form or fashion. People are forgetting that during election years, the presidential candidates usually get to have an interview during half-time of Monday Night Football at some point during that election season.
  4. If anyone thinks that this rule will make eveything go away they are fooling themselves. There are many people who have been also boycotting the NFL that sided with the protesters. They will still continue to do so, probably even more so now.
  5. I've seen talk on Hawksquawk that the Hawks could be interested in Trae Young at 3 based on a tweet. https://mobile.twitter.com/stevekylernba/status/999254465374052352?s=21 Don't know what to think about that if it has truth to it.
  6. Waiting for the league to institute a "Keanu Neal Rule" for player safety.
  7. Yep But on the flipside, I'm shocked that R.Kelly is still a free man and has continued to be supported as an artist by many women. Most men catch much heII in lesser controversies. R.Kelly has been able to be pretty much unscathed. That could change in the near future though.
  8. The biggest question is Doncic coming overseas next season. We will know soon.
  9. Sounds great lol I've seen a poster over there on Hawksquawk talk about the possibility of Bagley and Collins not meshing together and could get in each others way. Do you think that's a problem if the Hawks go Bagley?
  10. Just the thought of Bagley possibly being the next Kevin Garnett would make me the most exited as I have been in years as a Hawks fan if he were drafted. Garnett was one of my favorite players during his era. Loved his intensity and how it rubbed people the wrong way. Does Bagley bring anywhere close to the type of intensity that Garnett had?
  11. I get what you are saying. I meant did he have any previous issues with his back before this one?
  12. What makes you think that Owens has anything to do with it? I doubt T.O. cares about Julio's money.
  13. Yep By the way, I thought it was illegal to file a false police report?
  14. Niners aren't releasing him. Foster is also facing a marijuana charge, which could cause him to face league punishment soon.
  15. Does Porter have a history of back problems? Or is this just a onetime thing?