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  1. Sad for the Ravens because they thought that he wasn't going to be able to play anymore. Now they have to sit and watch a borderline All-Pro(1st team) LB potentially get swooped up on the open market. Ozzie needs to work his magic because Orr was a key part of rebuilding that Ravens defense with a really young core.
  2. Ian Rapoport's official Twitter says he is a FA. Would post it, but not sure how to do it by phone. He also posted that Orr was a RFA and the Ravens failed to tender him. Now making him hit the market as a FA.
  3. Zach Orr is a really good LB. He would be a starter. He had 132 tackles, 1 FF, 5 PD, and 3 ints last season as a top LB duo with CJ Mosley. Good to hear that he got a positive opinion from a doctor to possibly return.
  4. Saints can't run the ball if their defense keeps being historically bad.
  5. I was told by a poster a little while back in a similar thread that Peyton is still on the boards under a new username/account. Don't know what his new name is.
  6. Still surprised that Dak won the OROY award over Elliot. Dak was good in his game manager role last season though. Let's see how he does when forced to actually take risks.
  7. What's new? Armstead is always hurt. Brees will still pad his stats. Life goes on.
  8. Cam is a grade A jackass, but he was just joking around and having some fun there. Nothing serious here.
  9. Boxing in MMA is not close to being as technically sound as professional boxing. Of course there can always be an upset in any sport, but no one does it better in boxing than Floyd and every man has failed who have tried. The man is undefeated after 49 fights for a reason. Many people get upset about Floyd's style of boxing but there is more to it than just throwing punches. He is one of the best at avoiding punches and flurries with his sound defense and is one of the best counter punchers ever when it comes to accuracy. One thing that no one is talking about in which Connor loves to do is play mind games to get into his opponent's head before the fight. I doubt he can do that to Floyd because he is as equally as good in that department. I think it comes down to pure boxing technique and experience. It wouldn't be wise not to go Mayweather because he is undefeated against more accomplished boxers than McGregor.
  10. It's just that McGregor is out if his element and having his 1st and only professional boxing match against a legend of the sport who is probably still better than majority of the fighters in his own sport doesn't help him much. Remember when former boxing heavyweight champion James Toney fought Randy Couture back at UFC 118 in his 1st and only MMA fight ever? Randy made quick work of him and submitted him early. James Toney was clearly out of his element despite being known as a world class fighter in his respective combat sport. James Toney would've dominated Couture in a straight boxing match.
  11. I just don't see McGregor winning. This fight won't live up to it's hype.
  12. SB rematch. Falcons nuke the Pats 45-28.
  13. Quinn and the Falcons are soaking this all in. Embrace the suck. I have a feeling that we will all see "arrive violently" in full force next season.
  14. They plan out how to go about imploding specific areas of the Dome so it will collapse out of the way of the new stadium. I'm guess is that they plan to implode the dome to collapse inwards.
  15. Yeah, the 28-3 thing has gotten old and stale. My response to most fans that still bring it up in discussions with me is to "have their team make the Superbowl". Although it sucks that the Falcons lost and how it looks historically, atleast they were far from pushovers and made the world take notice in an upcoming team that many had not even making the playoffs. I'm past it. On to the 2017 season.