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  1. Slow down bro, Cam is not overrated. What he did last year was special and he will only get better. I wouldn't look past Carolina.
  2. Lets not act like Ryan is above criticism. For people that feel like Ryan can do no wrong are obviously Vick haters, and for people that act like Ryan is is all of the Falcons problems are Vick lovers. That is what this boils down too. Ryan has some good qualities, but there are some bad things about him too. For the most part, he seems to fold whenever their are big games to be played. Great stats, great record, but means nothing if you can't carry that over to the post season or possibly take down a divisional rival from playoff contention. And for him to be 6 foot 5 inches, and can eve
  3. This team has to start winning on the road in difficult environment. Houston was on their second string QB at that time as well. Falcons had every bit as much opportunity to win that game as the Texans did.
  4. Stats are good for Fantasy Football, but when it counts, which QB has the clutch gene. Thats why players like Tebow already have more playoff wins that Ryan and all his glorious stats.
  5. I have to agree with this. It was the 49rs nasty defense that carried them through the entire year. But their offense showed up in the clutch this game
  6. I think we need defense of players that have the nastiness of the 49rs
  7. There are things Ryan does better (like stay more consistent) and their are things Flacco does better( like extend plays and occasionally have break out games). But all in all I say they are pretty even. Both have winning records is just Flacco is more successful in the playoffs
  8. I think anybody would take a healthy Turner over Ray Rice. It's no accident that Turner is one of the top touchdown scorers in the league and has been for the past four seasons. I think his growing injury effected him this season. Rice is good, but I rather have Turner and I'm sure Flacco would too.
  9. Don't know if thats a legitimate argument. You never know how players will do on other teams. But what I can say is Ryan has more offense of talent than Flacco, so its really an even trade. Flacco has a better defense, but Ryan has a better offense, it just depends on what you do with it.
  10. Trent was definitely a game manager, but the one thing Trent had that Ryan doesn't is a stout defense. And it was the defense that won that supper bowl. This years 49'rs remind me of the 2000 Ravens
  11. i wouldn't say Ryan is better than Flacco, right now Flacco has playoffs wins and will probably have another one by the end of tonight.
  12. There were some plays where the line just got manhandled. Like the last play of the game when OSI just backed the left guard and sacked Ryan with his on lineman. The line was average at best and they deserve some of the blame, but everybody deserves blame here. I don't know if they thought this game would be a cake walk. But it is the playoffs and every team you will face in the playoffs is good or hot, so you always have to bring your A game.
  13. That might be some of the problem but I think the big elephant in the room is this team doesn't have any heart. I saw a team that gave up yesterday. this team is going to have to start learning how to win on the road. Every game can't be played in the dome. This team needs to learn how to fight when its down and show some tenacity. Unfortunately I don't think that is anything that can be taught.
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