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  1. Joke's on you, whitey. I just received my commission to serve on Obama's death panel.
  2. You mean you weren't forced to do book reports on this as well as the Communist Manifesto in 3rd grade? Huh, must've just been my teacher, Mrs. Alinsky. I generally enjoy riling up the bigots and making fun of them, but T-Falcon is just too dumb to deal with. Honestly, snake and Tahuyaman did it better. Also, T-Falcon is a honky cracker and I hate him because he's white.
  3. Weren't you arguing in that other thread that nobody actually endorsed Carson or thought he was a serious candidate?
  4. I feel like I'm more politically in-tune than the average American, but WTF is a Kasich-Ayotte?
  5. Not to derail the thread, but I'm pretty sure the rising death toll from heroin has to do with increased availability and usage (compared to, say, before we invaded Afghanistan ).
  6. Hey, let's not get carried away. The strategic terror bombing campaign to burn all of Japan's major population centers to ashes while killing hundreds of thousands of civilians (whether via incendiary bombs or atomics) was NOT genocide. We merely wanted surrender and capitulation, not to destroy a people.
  7. I guess it's to preempt any argument that gays should be a protected class. Curiously, I've never seen that argument applied to religion.
  8. The implication is that there is a vast global conspiracy wherein the millions of homosexuals who claim to be born that way are all lying. Carson might be a brilliant surgeon, but he's a ******* moron.
  9. I showed my girl how to play Sim City. This was a mistake.
  10. Best BBQ sauce I've ever made is Regular Guy's recipe for chipotle Shiner Bock sauce that he has posted here in the past. Perfect blend of spice and sweetness, and the chipotles & abodo adds a nice smoky heat.
  11. Doing some surf-n-turf with the ol' girl tonight for Valentine's. - small filet mignon w/ gorgonzola sauce - lobster (we're splitting a 3-pounder; I named him Larry and my dogs don't like him) - steamed clams w/ white wine and garlic as an appetizer I've never done a live lobster myself, nor have I ever cooked clams. Should be fun, though I'm generally intimidated by cooking seafood. Sent the woman to the seafood spot to get the clams and some crab meat (we had crab cakes for lunch). Told her to get some small clams or some mussels, and she comes back with these gigantic Cherrystones. Half of
  12. Non-Stop is the worst movie I've seen in a long time. Not even the incomparable Liam Neeson can save this steaming POS. This is the kind of film that makes AREA51 think Hollywood hates America. SPOILERS: The movie wants you to think the Middle Eastern looking guy with the turban is the terrorist, but he's not. In fact, he's a doctor and a hero and he's got a heart of gold and shame on you for being so prejudiced. The real terrorists are the nerdy white guy and earnest black businessman, who are also US war veterans and they're upset because security is an illusion and they don't know what they
  13. There's a joint down here that's serving lion for Savannah's restaurant week. https://cohensretreat.com/content/images/uploaded/restaurantweekmenu.pdf There's also a dessert with camel milk and emu egg. The lion is tempting (sorry BillyO and other cat lovers), but I think I'ma play it safe and go to Leoci's.
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