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  1. you guys do know we can go 4-0 in preseason and still be 5-11 or worst
  2. i hoping over, but harsh reality always slap you in the face, so under....
  3. game will be closer than people think.....I'm not confident in our defense at all...
  4. No way he miss this game, their season is on the line
  5. it was your typical Falcons/Saints game, 9 times out of 10 it will be a good game
  6. Falcons did lose in 2010, Steelers in OT
  7. not again Wilson, that is the second pick six u could of had
  8. Reedy vs Amsterdam, maybe Hageman if he plays (he should, he needs the reps)...Renfree vs Yates
  9. What? u mean the lazy dude that will be a bust????
  10. so what if a team decides to pass first and not run at all?
  11. even if its just pre season, Texans will play better to get that egg out of their mouths. I wouldn't be surprised if they do a little game planning just to give the home fans a little show.
  12. Jakene Ashford who is now the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders coordinator is the best I ever seen besides Nina Ahlan (98) that ever danced on that sideline
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