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  1. Falcons will definitely make the playoffs. Chicago is done, they own the tie breaker with Detroit even if the Lions start winning again, and NYG and Dallas have two games against each other left
  2. and its a trend that will continue. I think that is one of the reasons that people aren't looking at for the divide between the economic classes. There is a shrinking number of jobs that a person without a college degree can do and make a good living at due to technological advances and there just aren't enough jobs for all those people with philosophy, psychology, or general business degrees out there
  3. you noticed how he ignored that question too, huh? surprising? nope pathetic? yup
  4. that would almost be as bad as selling your family out for a message board
  5. the post counts weren't transferred over when they remade the board you ignore your family so badly you don't even realize how much time you spend on here
  6. is that all it takes? for me it would be the world simultaneously singing Kumbaya as well as a massive orgy between Israel and Palestine
  7. thats hiliarious because I can tell you that family is of supreme importance to me and given a choice I would choose my family over the computer every time. You seem to do the opposite actions speak louder than words
  8. no...I am pretty sure your family didn't want you around in 2008 either
  9. so now Brees is selfish I am beginning to think the reason you are on the computer so much instead of with your family is that it is their choice and not yours
  10. so how does an elite QB with an a great WR corps (it has been said that Julio Jones is better than ANYTHING Dallas has), an elite TE, and an elite RB only lead his team to 10 points? better yet, how is it that the offense is in the bottom half of the league in scoring?
  11. thanks much. Georgia really has a chance to fill the void in the East for some time if they can build off this year's success
  12. Actually I believe we would have to win out and the 49ers drop two games. One of their losses is to Baltimore which is an AFC team while all three of our losses are to NFC teams.
  13. sorry but there is no excuse for not putting up more than 10 points on offense. that has nothing to do with Schaub or AJ
  14. I couldn't believe that I didn't see WR screens by Georgia. I have seen those work against LSU a few times this year because LSU tends to leave their CBs out on an island
  15. aren't mistakes a part of the game? you and your brethren had a fit when some Saints fans said similar things about a certain missed field goal last year that led to OT maybe the Falcons would beat the Texans this Sunday. Maybe they would have won the Sunday before. But yesterday, the Texans were the better team and played the better game
  16. it lot of it is simply bad parenting but we aren't allowed to say that and God only knows what the solution for that would be
  17. I don't know how his suggestion would work, but he is right that our country is severely lacking in work ethic I remember years ago someone proposed having some of the welfare recipients in New York pick up trash in the parks and there was this massive outcry saying that it would be demeaning to them so what does that say about the man or woman who busts their *** cleaning and picking up trash for a wage?
  18. right....because people shouldn't be responsible for their own decisions no offense to you, but that is easily one of the most ignorant, self serving statements I have ever heard.
  19. While the odds are its in the bag, it ain't there 100% It isn't a huge stretch of the imagination for the Saints to fall to a Titans team that is suddenly playing better and to the Falcons....that would make things very interesting
  20. is there anyone in here that is foolish enough to believe that a Christian neo-con would not know how to spell 'Christian' and, by default, not know how to spell 'Christ'?
  21. EGGSACHARY!!! Besides...it don't matter much how good a WR is when the DLine is coming through your OLine like they are the entrance at the local Walmart and Matt Ryan is the Black Friday Special
  22. let me just list my points so I don't have to type a dissertation 1) that game would have been much closer if Detroit had a disciplined head coach 2) I like the improvement we are seeing in our red zone defense, but wtf is wrong with our secondary? Stop peeking into the backfield when you have a double digit lead against a team that can't ******* run the ball.
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