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  1. the NBA is a joke. the whole lockout was a bunch of crap for the owners to get more money because they didn't address parity at all and now they want to cry? that was a great trade for the Hornets and might have gone a long way to finding them a group of buyers because that would have been a team to build on
  2. true.....it isn't their fault you don't like spending time with them and prefer to spend all your time on a message board
  3. it would also be nice if tech support didn't so often just assume that everyone was a moron and would actually listen to the problem
  4. I agree but we have more people on here screaming about the evil rich corporations than the politicians who are getting rich off selling us out to them there seems to be a lack of understanding that you can throw as many mortgage, oil, and finance CEOs in jail as you want but there will always be people lining up to take their places because they are only doing what the government allows them to do and in some cases requires them to do
  5. who is the more evil....oil companies or the politicians getting rich off looking the other way and passing laws to help them?
  6. lets just say that the material of the puppet was conducive to easy cleanup
  7. should I describe what I used to do with my Ms. Piggy puppet?
  8. http://tv.msn.com/tv...spx?news=688278 " M*A*S*H" star Harry Morgan died at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. The character actor was 96. He was best known for playing Col. Sherman T. Potter on the long-running Army comedy. My favorite memory of him in MASH was when Frank ran over a jeep and Potter, the old cavalry officer, went over to it, shook his head, and pulled out his sidearm and shot the jeep like it was a horse.
  9. that is because we are Saints fans. We believe in Payton and Brees, but for those of us who have been around for awhile there will always be this tiny nagging doubt that can't believe that things can go this well
  10. I think you should do a speech where Mike Smith reveals his hidden desire to be like Sean Payton
  11. I notice you that defending yourself from that was more important than the whole ignoring your family thing. hmmmmmmmmmm..........
  12. I said that I don't serve too much crow to Falcons fans. Fairweather fans who jump from team to team when the situation suits them and ignore their families so they can share their ignorance on message boards do not count
  13. thats a major reason why I don't serve too much crow to the Falcons fans in general. Deep in my soul I know that sooner or later the good times have to come to an end and they will be my lovable losers yet again. Somehow I think that day will occur with Brees retiring and Payton quitting/retiring
  14. I'll have you know that my standards are triple....quadruple even!
  15. Education Degree any medical degree Industrial Technology degree Computer Science degree any business degree do I really need to go on? are you going to sit here and pretend the average person does not go to college with the purpose of being able to get a decent job?
  16. actually it has a lot to do with the federal government and universities maintaining this fiction that colleges are not in business for the purpose of job preparation. The Dept of Education started a new report this year called the Gainful Employment Report where vocational schools were required to go back to the 2006-2007 Award Year and track any students time by Award Year from that point on. It was a massive project and there are a ton of schools that had problems getting it prepared. In the letter to Financial Aid Professionals, the Dept of Education specifically said that only vocational schools had to do this because a person attends one of these schools with the expectation of finding a job and that the same expectation was not upon universities
  17. that is probably true. when you have grinders on the OLine in a power running game, they often times don't have the speed to get in position for a screen. If your OLinemen can't get in position, your OC just called a play for a five yard loss
  18. it isn't just Peyton missing that is affecting them. You could see last year that this was a team on the decline and that Peyton was having trouble masking all their deficiencies. They just weren't making good decisions to reload for the last three seasons
  19. none of the rest of us thought it needed an answer....it was pretty obvious. if you ever watch Brees, all he does is give credit to his team, the coaches, and even the opponents. He is the consummate team player and the Saints are damned lucky to have gotten a player of his ability and character. Everyone, including you, knew that was the real answer to the question. If you didn't, then you didn't even see the game and if you didn't even see the game you had no business making the accusation in the first place.
  20. alright....I can take that answer. I will say that I don't think you are taking into account the fact that the offense still doesn't work if Turner doesn't and none of us can guess at how much tread is left on that tire.
  21. still avoiding the question I see
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