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  1. anybody who judges a hurricane solely on its category level is an idiot 1)the category is only a measure of its highest sustained winds. it has nothing to do with the amount of rain. I have seen weak hurricanes that have dumped tons of rain and caused lots of flooding and strong hurricanes that had little rain (Gustav). 2)hurricanes tend to spawn tornadoes. Irene spawned a lot of them from what I understand. Even an idiot such as the one I referenced in my opening statement should know that tornadoes have the ability to bring down many houses in an area and have been known to completely destroy a house and do virtually nothing to the one next to it.
  2. look at the league and take a guess :ph34r:
  3. yup...I am sure. got a lot going on and I am just not feeling it this year and it wouldn't be fair to get into it figuring I wouldn't manage my team properly now if nobody takes the team I will still do it and keep up as best I can, but I would prefer to see someone who really wants it be in
  4. go ahead and give him my spot. I just don't know that I will be able to give his enough attention to be fair this year and yah....this is Dago and I have no idea how or why.
  5. negative! Penicillin was discovered by accident but the fact that it wasn't intended does not take away from its greatness
  6. dayum JB....where you been?
  7. its disgusting no matter what, but I am curious to see which party is receiving the majority of these funds
  8. just throwing this out there... if anybody wants my spot in fantasy football, they can have it.
  9. PP....you hear that Sebastian Bach's home got destroyed by Irene?
  10. speaking as someone who has been robbed at home at gunpoint, who was forced to watch while some **** stain pushed the barrel of a pistol against my wife's head, and who was told to turn around and fully expected to be executed, I say screw the trespassers. In Louisiana if someone is illegally in my house, I can shoot them. Plain and simple. Why should I be in a situation where I have to gamble my life or the life of those that I love on wondering if the good for nothing POS in my home is armed?
  11. your genius and my taint bear a striking resemblance to each other
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