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  1. that would actually work better. the review would have time to occur while the official is making the call. my way would be very disruptive on no huddle and hurry up offenses
  2. so why don't he and those millionaires who are asking for higher taxes for themselves just voluntarily pay more so that they can say they lead by example?
  3. a lot of us said that and instead our last and our current president decided to give it to banks and CEOs instead
  4. the officiating in the NFL is horrible and it isn't the fault of the refs. Too much is being asked of them now. I don't understand the whole reviewing every TD thing....isn't that what the challenge flags are for? Also I think that the officiating would immediately get better if you had a replay guy whose only job was to look for helmet to helmet hits and buzz them in so the refs could stop calling helmet to chest and shoulder hits as personal fouls
  5. Saints definitely blew their playoff game and lost to a lesser opponent. Kind of like when a #1 seed loses to a #6 seed
  6. Romo definitely gets more flack than he deserves
  7. on a barely related subject I just peeked in TATF der fuhrer is hard at work in there. absolutely hilarious how bannings are made into such a production and you all complain about Saints Report? maybe I miss it, but I have never seen anybody bragging about a ban on that board
  8. if we paid off the refs and still got flagged 11 times for 95 yards I want my money back smh
  9. I believe this thread is about smacktalk, not fantasy
  10. not surprisingly he disappeared now I am not saying Matt Ryan has not been good on his deep throws this year....honestly I havent seen that much. I am just pointing out that those stats don't tell the whole story and Falconidae got all butt hurt here is the article that I was talking about tho http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2011/05/10/going-deep/
  11. even someone with your limited mental faculties should be able to recognize the difference in throwing a five yard pass that turns into a 40+ yard gain and throwing a 40+ yard pass
  12. link please. we went through this last year and the stats the Falcons fans counted "catch and runs" and not just balls thrown in the air. someone provided a link to a website that showed passes that actually traveled that far in the air and Ryan's numbers were at the bottom of the league
  13. was I the only one who read the thread title and wondered why Oprah was getting involved?
  14. I never understood the hate in Baton Rouge for Saban. The guy had good success and wanted to try the NFL. He didn't leave us in crappy shape like Meyer did to Florida. The NFL didn't work out (for the record what he did to Miami sucks, but the fact remains that has nothing to do with LSU) and he wanted to go back to college. LSU wasn't even available and you have to figure that if it was, he wouldn't have minded going back
  15. facts are not skewed....they simply are. the skewing is performed when people attempt to take individual facets in order to devalue or over value a point (focusing on the exception instead of the big picture). Your example would be more relevant if that one game comprised a large percentage of the sample in question (the SOS of both teams) but it doesn't so picking out that one game doesn't really matter. Its the same reason that statistics don't mean a whole lot until we get a fair ways into the season because one good or bad game has a large affect on the overall body of work. However, claiming to have the top defensive or offensive unit after 11 games is significant because that one game aberration is diluted because it is a smaller part of the overall sample
  16. the Bucs fans in here were not exactly happy with that signing if I remember correctly
  17. frankly it doesn't matter to me. in the thread where rivals were claiming how lucky the Falcons played the Vikings without AP and were facing the Texans with a third string QB, I said that the Falcons can only play the team in front of them and the results are all that matter. the only reason I commented on the discussion is that a poster used SOS to prove his point and when it was shown that he was wrong, SOS was suddenly not as important
  18. its funny that the win-loss percentage was relevant until it was proven to be in favor of the Giants
  19. you predicted the same doomsday scenario last year but I never saw you admitting that you are wrong after the season opened and we not only kept our players but added some vets that are (finally) making their presence felt we have one of the best GMs in the business when it comes to managing the cap and we have a great locker room presence. the Vikings and the Browns would have to severely overvalue Colston to get him to leave Brees and the Saints and any team that is willing to overpay for a WR is going to remain a loser anyway
  20. NBA owners are short sighted and stupid. They wanted to argue over the percentage of shrinking revenue (last year being an exception) instead of instituting an NFL style system that would have increased overall revenue making what they were bitching about irrelevant
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