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  1. We could kill everyone
  2. I don't think it is so much Johnson as solid defense. If your backside pursuit stays in position and eliminates the cutback he has a lot of trouble but if they overpursue even a little he can get outside them. Chris Johnson has had so much success with misdirection and cut backs I think he looks for them even when he should be hitting the hole
  3. I don't think Turner is going to do a whole lot versus us anyway....our defense has been playing the run much better and seems to handle bruisers far better than small, quick backs. However, we did shut Chris Johnson down cold
  4. how do you piss off a female archaeologist? Give her a used tampon and ask her what period it came from
  5. just out of curiosity, why would you want to do it in a manner that doesn't involve slaughtering everyone in sight?
  6. I gotta give some credit to this analysis....Zodiac and I usually completely disagree but this is good stuff. I don't quite agree with all the position breakdowns, but certainly everything in there is defensible.
  7. you have to try Cherry Pepper Shooters just got some that are imported....cherry peppers stuffed with provolone cheese and prosciutto. Got them with my muffaletta today. It's like there is an orgy in my mouth and I am the only one invited.
  8. so you would say what is in this story is true based on your own experience?
  9. I can see that. there were more mistakes than just Ryan's but I think we can agree that if Ryan had hit on one of those passes that the game would have had a totally different dynamic
  10. pretty much but you are free to be a d-bag in RC if you want....just don't expect the moderators to protect you from the big bad Saints fans in here and wipe your tears away
  11. the mistake you are making is that I have taken the stance that Ryan has been bad on deep balls this year. I have said more than once I do not know. I merely debated the validity of your source and you can't seem to deal with that I do know that his misses cost a game (the Texans) and that anybody who knows anything about football knows that arc he has on his long ball shouldn't be there. I also know that you don't discard 3.5 years arbitrarily just because a player has performed differently for less than a half season
  12. PRob has done a rather poor job of tackling people off those curl routes
  13. Again...I said that I didn't know how well he was doing, only that your source of information is flawed. The fact that you still cling to your opinion without facts to back it up says more than I ever could about your grasp of logic and debating skills. And yes....we all know the article is from last year. I said it was from this past offseason so it could hardly cover this season now could it.
  14. methinks you doth protest too much lets look at the sequence of events here 1)I hint at your alter 2)you disappear for awhile 3)you reappear with your brother in tow 4)at first you say you don't what I am talking about before confessing to being Snake 5)you say you are surprised it took me this long to figure it out which is just ridiculous because you know I was on Iowa's board so I saw you bragging about being Snake. You know I didn't just 'figure it out' and what's more is you also know that someone who didn't know couldn't have just figured it out because there haven't been any references or hints about it 6)You proceed to admit to your other alters and then try to make it all to be a big joke.....classic misdirection. The secret to a good lie is to mix in a little bit of truth but you went way overboard with it. What I don't get is why someone gets his rocks off on screwing with people on a message board like that. Part of it is that you are a die hard liberal and the best way to not get your *** handed to you in a debate is to have an alter that fits your stereotypical image of a tea party neocon to bring in any piece of anti-Obama news or to take any conservative stance and blow it out of proportion so that anybody who tries to be conservative in a debate looks like a fool for agreeing with Deisel
  15. if you wear a monocle and aren't a millionaire, then you must be an evil genius because only millionaires and evil geniuses wear monocles
  16. I was thinking Julian. they both have the same arrogant condescending personality
  17. for some reason I find that hysterically funny
  18. nah...I don't take a message board seriously enough to create alters with the express purpose of riling people up. I leave that to others
  19. well that is one trait you have in common with your alter K?
  20. yes I see the sarcasm. very nice. now answer the question
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