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  1. Glad we are taking this as the gospel truth.

    How about we actually find a clip of it and judge for ourselves? Or is a little objectivity too much to ask for?

    BTW...for the record, Greer says that it was in the act of trying to stop Peterson and Peterson wouldn't quit trying to go ahead. Greer is aware he did it, it was an accident, and he even told Peterson after the play was over that it wasn't what he was attempting to do.


  2. So when y'all bring up, "We are KILLING it in the Pooperdome this season," why would it matter - technically it's the past, no? huh.png

    Please define the "Past." Is there a specific statute of limitations?

    according to Falcons fans one year is too far back....at least that is what we were being told last year whenever any Saints fan brought up our Lombardi

    or is the one year rule in effect only when it doesn't help the Falcons? :D

  3. man carolina is starting to look scary... and i thought newton was gonna be garbage but he sure is proving me wrong. look for the NFCS to be a tough division in a few years

    try next year. another offseason and healthy players back means a scary Carolina team. Also, we all know Tampa is capable of playing better than they have so if they get a new coach who knows what happens

  4. Arguing=Disagreeing much of the time. The 2 aren't mutually exclusive. I got banned on SR quick fast and in a hurry and some Saints fans i met on there even wondered why i got banned. The only message i got was that i was a troll. Somebody got butthurt laugh.png

    while I agree that both are over the top, you are overlooking one basic difference.

    this is THE official board for the Atlanta Falcons under the NFL. As such, its moderators should strive for fairness and objectivity as they are overseeing this board for someone else

    Saints Report is a privately owned message board and as such its owners, who are also part of the moderating team, are free to do with their privately owned property as they see fit even if it means they act like little ****** towards fans of other teams

  5. no question about that.

    The positive is Vick is still super erratic...but when is is on he is so hard to defend.

    They have the type of speed at every position that would give ALL of our teams fits.

    I think all of us can score on them but with the wide 9 look they have and Babin being a beast ( who would have thunk he would have the season he had)

    They can get after the qb better then any of our teams can.

    Yeah lets hope they dont make it in.

    would make a great game....our defense is playing better but Vick and Shady are tough to defend if Vick is on. On the other hand, I don't think there is a whole lot they could do to slow down the Saints offense.

    if the Saints and Eagles played, you could just go ahead and put the over/under at 80 laugh.png

  6. the Eagles are making me uneasy all of a sudden....don't want them to get in at all. They have all the marks of a team that are getting hot at just the right time like Arizona did a few seasons ago on their run to the Superbowl

  7. I guess it depends on what your definition of "should" is and in what context you're using it. To me it means that one team is a clear cut favourite over the other (with little debate about it).

    For example, Atl should have beaten Jax and they should beat TB in week 17. Atl could beat NO but you can't say they should. The NYG could've beaten GB but should've beaten Wash.

    If you're applying what we know now about Chicago and TB to those games in Sept, then's that what I disagree with (that Atl should've beaten Chicago in week 1 or TB in week 3 because they suck now).

    But I do agree that the biggest fact preventing Falcons fans like me from proclaiming them a SB contender is our poor record against very good teams this year.

    the truth is that since Atlanta won the south last year and were supposed to be good enough that they only needed another great WR to take the next step, nearly every team on their schedule with the exception of New Orleans and Green Bay 'should' have been wins. They were supposed to win the south and contend for the Superbowl.

    and before someone calls me a homer, I would not list Atlanta as a 'should' win for the Saints either....those games are too closely contested for that

  8. You're cherry picking. I'll concede the Texans but the Bears @ home in week 1 with a healthy Cutler, Forte and Knox are different than they are now and the Bucs in week 3 @ TB are way different than they are now (I need not remind you of who one of NO's losses were to around that time).

    and I would say that the Saints lost to team they should have beaten in that case as well.

    am I really cherry picking? take into account that Atlanta has only played four teams with winning records and are 1-3 in those games....one of which was against the Texans who were starting a third string QB and only had AJ for a half

    so you are saying that Atlanta shouldn't beat teams with a winning record?

  9. Brees is the man.

    Hope he breaks a few records. Completions, Yards, Comp %, .. Hopefully the yards one won't come down to the last week vs the Panthers again, and they rest his arm a little during that game. I'd rather the Panthers defense go up against a run heavy Saints team, than a pass heavy Saints team.

    The only way you see that happening is if the 49ers lose tonight and next week and the Saints beat Atlanta next week. Otherwise the second seed will still be up for grabs which means the Saints have to play to win against the Panthers

  10. Really??

    He of bad snaps?

    really? you are going to judge a player off one play?

    we are 8th in the NFL in rushing. Our pass protection has been amazing. How good was either last year? How good was it this year when Kruetz was at center?

    de la Puenta has turned out to be just as big an addition as some of our other heralded no names that have come in when nobody else wanted them and been key pieces of this team

  11. Also, somebody is in desperate need of some proofreading:

    Despite starting the game with several key mistakes that gave away points, albeit field goals and not touchdowns at least, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints‘ defense played a spectacular game to make it all right in the end with a 42-20 win over the Vikings on the road in Minneapolis. WhoDat chants could be heard in that cold weather dome with a great turnout of Saints fans up there in Minnesota too!

  12. In case you're wondering what this is about check out this link:


    Here are the spreads as of tonight:

    Jax @ Atl -11.5

    Dallas @ TB +6

    Wash @ NYG -7.5

    GB @ KC +14

    NO @ Minny +7

    Sea @ Chi -4.5

    Miami @ Buff +1.5

    Car @ Hou -5

    Tenn @ Indy +6.5

    Cincy @ Stl +3.5

    Det @ Oak -1

    NE @ Denver +6.5

    Jets @ Philly -1

    Clev @ Arizona -7

    Balt @ SD +2.5

    Pitt @ SF -1




    Green Bay

    New Orleans






    New England





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