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  1. From the moment he signed elsewhere, I was concerned that DiMarco's loss would really hurt the running game. I seemed to alone in that thought because any time I pointed it out some dude would blow it off as nonsense. Nevermind the fact before DiMarco arrived, our last good running game was when Ovi was on the payroll. ..an excellent fullback. .
  2. I didn't think they would carry 4 RB. No mention but could Hill still be placed on IR? It would protect him from being snatched up on the PS. Haven't heard an injury update.
  3. Sorry. I meant...THE LAST TIME. Loved William Andrews. Jamal Anderson was great before the injury.
  4. Thanks for the breakdown. I checked out open house as well. One thing my sister noted. "My flash just said DISABLED." Maybe the Georgia Dome was doing that but I never noticed. I was pretty impressed. The halo board blew my mind. I love there are so many elevators and escalators. I noticed not many were doing the ramp. As expected...EVERYBODY was trying to get a picture with that falcon statue. That includes me. lol
  5. From the moment DiMarco left, I have feared we would miss him more than most seem to think. Before Dimarco, the only time we had a really great running game was when Ovi was on the payroll.
  6. Nah. We don't hate Packers fans. You guys are a class act as a whole. Looking forward to the Packers coming to MBS. It will make for great national TV viewing .
  7. http://www.seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=134951 Check out this thread. They even own up to favorable calls. Admitting it is the first step. LoL
  8. Some worried abt SEA controlling the clock. Guess who can throw up points quickly AND control the clock with the run game now?! Atlanta! This offense has only gotten better since that Philly game. Taking better care of the ball since the KC game. We got this.
  9. Same here. That game was bananas! Lived up to our confidence level, too. It was the next night before my ears stopped ringing.
  10. Let's give the Detroit offense some credit, too. Dropped passes and dumb personal fouls from the WR corp. Stafford's finger causing errant throws.
  11. Matt's a top MVP candidate rn. He may get Tom Brady-type call protection in this game.
  12. No one had TIME to get open. The OL was a jail break. Thank goodness Jake Matthews is healthy again. Without Matthews on the OL, it's gonna be 2013 all over again.
  13. As I was watching Bierman last night, an old Bugs Bunny clip immediately came to mind. "Dogpile on the rabbit! Dogpile on the rabbit!" #pilejumper
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