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  1. Haha that's me. Don't frequent the forums anymore but will keep you guys in the loop.
  2. lol every Fsu fan loves d walk. Funny how you forget he won the UM game
  3. I am an Fsu fan and have a love/love relationship with him. He's a stud, flat out. Won't wow anyone with his first step but he did just run a faster 40 than teez tabor lol. I wouldn't take him round 1 but people saying they wouldn't take him before the 4th are high. He won't even make it to our 2nd
  4. People who don't like Walker have not watched him play. He doesn't have eye popping anything but he is the definition of a gamer. ALWAYS makes the big play
  5. Love It but walker doesn't make it to our second pick much less third
  6. No better way for him to end his career than by doing what he did for most of it, being wrong
  7. I really think with them being depleted, having to worry about Julio and Sanu as our true 1-2 Gabriel could really take the top off that defense
  8. It pains me to agree. Richt is righting the ship down there, will be good for rivalry
  9. 'Twas a joke. I know it's not easy to laugh when you've lost 7 in a row
  10. Were you nervous when he blocked the extra point to seal the game?
  11. Biased because I'm a Nole but DW is a beast. Might not look the most athletic like a garret but production is off the charts. He'll be remembered as always coming up with the big play when it mattered most
  12. Head over to the Panthers board if you want to see a fuggin meltdown. Good for a few laughs
  13. Im not singling tonight out. Just in general. I have never seen Coleman hit a hole hard, just doesn't look like he plays nearly as fast as he could. Doesn't look like he knows what he's doing and doesn't want to put his head down and run someone over
  14. On another note. Looks like we have another wimp with no dog in him in BEASLEY
  15. I get it, hes fast. And thats all he is. He is not a football player, no dog. He plays freaking slow and never hits a hole as quickly as Free + has fumbles. Im baffled as to why anyone thinks he's good
  16. Hes a less cool Eskimo Bro now after how poorly he's performing.
  17. You're trying too hard. Freeman isn't taking a backseat to Coleman lol. Coleman is a scrub
  18. Im sure the front office will take this into account when making the selection! Thanks for the heads up!
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