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  1. Ok say this all turns out to be true. He admits he kicked the dog to death. Someone that sick probably did in fact bully a girl to the point of suicide with no remorse. Despite getting away with it he's such a sick individual he goes and does something like this. There is no helping some people...They are who they are. Crazy but karma comes full circle
  2. How can any human being kill such a small defenseless animal? To be sick enough to kick a dog who are the most kind creates to death baffles me. Have you ever seen a dog react when you walk inside from being gone? They go crazy because it makes their lives just to see you again. Unconditional love. Never done anything to harm anyone. Its so sickening someone can harm something so innocent.
  3. Haha my post was sarcastic. Oddly enough those are probably my two least comedians of all time.
  4. **** dude you are hilarious. seriously stop my side is starting to hurt.
  5. Babs killed a pit bull that was prone to unprovoked attacks with his 4 year old daughter around. Killing a yorkie is a bit different I think. Shame that he's so dumb because I think he could have developed nicely.
  6. Dude has undeniable talent. If he can hook on with the Titans and get playing time he will produce. If you think he doesn't have talent you are fooling yourself and I am not one of the people on this board who thinks he's the next best pass rusher in the NFL. But he does have solid talent and the ability to put up 8 sacks a season in the NFL
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