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  1. If we had 25-year-old Roddy White, this team would score 35 a game. He would be perfect in this offense. CP would get an extra 50 yards+ From downfield blocks, too.
  2. And I forgot about it in the Pitts aftermath. Matt Ryan throws a block for Gage on an otherwise forgettable play. That’s my quarterback! https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/qex0gj/highlight_matt_ryan_shows_off_his_frightening/
  3. I heard Fanta and White Claw are doing a collaboration for a Christmas drink called Fanta Claws.
  4. Belicheck lined up two defenders to jam Tony at the line in the red zone like blocking a gunner on a punt. It wouldn’t shock me to see him do that again.
  5. Harris got hurt on the big hit where he didn’t tackle Tua, right?
  6. The Falcons won a game that they’ve usually lost over the last two years. The running game wasn’t good at all except for CP. Ridley was shaky. Kyle Pitts was a beast. The defense did just barely enough.
  7. A few months ago, I met Chris Lindstrom in a bookstore at LAX, and he was reading a big heavy book. So, I try to get up close. I got a Tom Clancy book, even though I hate them--they make me sleepy. I don't know what to say, so I say, "Go Falcons!" He turns to me, and says, "It's nice to see a fan, who likes to read." I go, "I like books, Falcons football, and Baldy’s Breakdown videos." So we get to talking for 3-5 minutes. And then, my throat got dry, and my whole being felt like I was somewhere else. I never felt such a feeling. It was not him--didn’t even look like him. It sunk in that I was talking to some middle-aged guy. He was using it and milking it. Who would talk to a 45 year old man? Not a day goes by that I don't think about that old man, and how much I hate his guts.
  8. On a bad day maybe, when Davis is fumbling, Ridley’s running backwards, and Ryan’s arm is extra-noodly. Otherwise we’re releasing the Kraken on some people.
  9. Scary thought. He would have the Miami offense penetrating every dark crevice of our defense looking for holes.
  10. Well, this will be humiliating news for the Giants, Jets, and the other 12 teams we are going to beat this regular season.
  11. I didn’t either until the mods here deleted the “Guys, can we quit bumping old threads?” thread right before the 2012 NFCCG.
  12. Did you see him get crushed on the goal line against the Cardinals? Better get smart fast.
  13. The advantage of Lee Smith is that no one is ever going to cover him. They’re just going to stare at him in confusion when he comes off his block to run his route.
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