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  1. For me, the NFCCG was more about the team as a whole — the best game we’ve ever played in the history of the franchise. Jaylen with the strip, Rico with the pick, Poole tattooing Aaron twice, Matt rushing for a TD, Tevin with a nail-the-coffin-shut TD...it was amazing to watch.
  2. 300 yard game has to be number 1 — something that’s only ever happened 3 times iirc? There have been a ton of 500-yard passing games compared to the number of 300-yard receiving games. It’s rarer than pitching a perfect game. It’s rarer than hitting .400 for a season if you go back to the 20s for MLB.
  3. IIRC, McCarthy had burned all three of their second half timeouts by the end of the third/beginning of the fourth quarter, and all while they were playing defense. Julio had him shook.
  4. 20 Ints/20 sacks Gives up a QBR of 0.3 MVP SB MVP
  5. In honor of my late grandfather who would watch wrestling with 9-year-old me: ”OH MY GOODNESS, HE’S ABOUT TO KILL THAT MAN!!!!”
  6. Wish Julio had been lined up in the backfield for that block.
  7. Julio has more speed than Matt has arm. It is what it is. That’s why he has to break stride or come back. He probably has more speed than at least half the QBs in the league have arm.
  8. +1. Deion had more talent, but Roddy had way, way more Falcons.
  9. Well, his personality on the court was his actual personality. The same attributes that made him the GOAT on the court made him hard to be around on and off of it. Driven, insane competitor, psychotic hatred of ever losing at anything... Haven’t seen the show yet, but everybody who was around for his career should know that. GOAT, though, no question.
  10. Snap, does he know that?! Talk about something awkward on the next podcast!
  11. By way of contrast, my family and I went to the last regular season game at the Georgia Dome in 2016 against the Saints. Before the game, we were hanging around the little park outside doing the football throw games, etc. My son was seven and went to the facepaint place, but he sneezed and got paint in his eyes. He started screaming, my wife started screaming...I was looking for a bottle of water or something to pour on his face, when I suddenly heard a voice that sounded like a mountain of velvet, calming but with a warming power like blankets that just came out of the dryer, and it said, “Peace be unto you, child....let he who has eyes, see.” Instantly, my son stopped screaming. He slowly pulled his hands off of his face, and he could see again! I turned around and saw Tony Martin standing there! I said, “Oh my God, thank you Tony Martin!” And he said, “Where I am needed, always shall I be,” with a broad smile. I asked him, “How do you think we’re going to do today?” And he said, “I see glory today, and glories to come...but then the future becomes cloudy.” And like that, he was gone.
  12. And I think we did the opposite in 80 or 81, the number 1 offense in the league, a terrible defense, and a 7-7 record.
  13. The 1977 Falcons defense would like to have a word with you. We will always find a way to be the statistical outlier.
  14. Wish you’d seen Bonecrusher that day instead, then.
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