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  1. 98, 04, 08 (considering), 12, 16.
  2. I liked how he pointed out how Sark may have chosen the screen to Sanu based on how amped up he expected the D-line to be after Donald's sack the previous play.
  3. I heard he just got initiated into the Yakuza. That's why he always wears shirts.
  4. Maybe we could get together some weekend?
  5. Hope he's not suddenly traveling to check on his kennel business in Newport.
  6. Was it Travian Robinson who got the personal foul for striking the QB's head on their go ahead drive? God what a bullsh*t penalty that was.
  7. He Got F*cking Set.
  8. We were on our own 15 yard line or so, weren't we? I don't think many coaches would do that there. Maybe on our own 45.
  9. No, but i would trade Julio to Cleveland for their 1st and 4th overall picks, though.