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  1. Nah, he’s not one-handing the football with his arm stretched out.
  2. That’s because the NFL is the NFL owners. The idea that it’s not is smoke the owners created with “the league office” and “the Commissioner,” etc. The owners are at the top, and everyone else is an employee. All the fiction about “the league wants to...” or “The Commissioner is pushing for....” is what the owners have in place as a scapegoat. In the words of Cris Carter, they always have a fall guy.
  3. Norm Van Brocklin set the record for most passing yards in a game in 1951. Night Train Lane set the record for picks the next year. DiMaggio and Ted Williams set the MLB hitting streak record and the last time a player hit .400 for the season respectively in 1941. Chamberlain scored 100 in a game in the NBA in 1962.
  4. Malliciah Goodman would get 48 sacks a season playing for Peas.
  5. I write highly-researched and fully documented accounts of Tony Martin encounters.
  6. Strangest thing to me about the picture is the expression on his face. I understand it’s no pad practice, and he’s done what he’s doing a million times, it still seems strange that he is so relaxed.
  7. It worked for about one half of one game. Peyton figured it out and they almost came back on us, iirc.
  8. 2200 yards rushing 1200 yards receiving 31 TDs 5 cup of Gatorade
  9. If I’m not too late for the contest, here is how I thought the draft would probably go. I watched a lot of film and analyzed philosophies, tendencies and history for both AS and TF to put this together, and I assumed there would probably be a trade back for an extra mid-round pick: Round 1, Kyle Pitts Round 2, Richie Grant Round 3, Jalen Mayfield Round 4, Darren Hall Round 5, Ta’Quon Graham Round 5, Adetokunbo Ogundeji Round 5, Avery Williams Round 6, Frank Darby I have been working all weekend, can’t wait to see who we got!
  10. What would Roddy’s early numbers have been with a 10-year vet throwing him the ball and Marvin Harrison as the number 1 across from him getting the double coverage?
  11. I like Ridley, but he’s not even close to Roddy yet. Roddy was a true number 1 after he embraced being a pro.
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