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  1. This is obviously a very crude photoshop, as no even moderately sentient human being would get a Bruce tattoo.
  2. “Don’t draft NFL blue bloods...draft actual Bloods.”
  3. LMAO. 35-21, but the unis looked “great.”
  4. If you really want his attention, then hive sop dap.
  5. Lot of good games that season. Beat Philly in Philly. Best for me would have to be the second NO game, though. Picked Brees 5 times and broke his TD/game streak.
  6. That 2012 team was built to stop pocket passers. We had the misfortune of going back-to-back in the playoffs with two teams perfectly built to beat us. And Seattle put it all on film for San Fran.
  7. Picked Eli twice IIRC (Decoud got the other one?) and stopped them on 4th down twice. Shutout, I think. And Snelling tore off a long one in the 4th maybe?
  8. Needs to get on that David Boston/Laron Landry “nutrition” program. “Broccoli” and “chicken breasts“ 6 times a day and “working with a personal trainer.”
  9. wE ShOulD HaVE drAFteD aT LeaSt niNe hALl of fAmERs! trOFfed!
  10. No, we should trade Hurst to the Ravens for Calais Campbell, then trade Fowler to the Browns for Hooper to fill the hole at TE, then trade Gurley to Arizona for Deandre Hopkins.
  11. Maybe they haven’t seen that play from the Capital One Bowl?
  12. I’d trade whoever the dude you guys have now is for Coach Paul Johnson.