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  1. Really makes you wonder why the other 30 billionaires (not GB) accept this ish year after year. Kraft must throw hella parties for them.
  2. Reevies to Atlantie! Who’s with me?
  3. They might as well put Hurts in. Tua is embarrassing himself. Rolling after he’s tackled on that 4th down. LOL
  4. ?? I am not a Georgia fan. However, Kirby **** himself with that fake punt, and showed that he has fallen apart by letting Texas walk on him. He is Mark Richt 2.0.
  5. If he was, he threw it all away this year.
  6. That disastrously-bad fake punt in the SECCG was certainly not on schedule, I agree. It was a clown show. Just like losing to Texas in the Sugar Bowl would be a clown show. Oh wait.
  7. Not like he’s going to win anything at Georgia as long as Saban and Dabo are in CFB.
  8. This DT Hicks is a ******* beast.
  9. Eric Bieniemy. He had been an OC in college and a RB coach in the NFL by 2017. On the other hand, we’d probably be losing him to a HC position by now, same as the Chiefs likely are.
  10. I can’t think of any successful HC who DCs. Lots of HCs, successful and unsuccessful, are also the OC.
  11. He is the Jets O-line coach/run game coordinator, but he was the OC for Kubiak when Peyton Manning won his last Super Bowl with an arm that was as dead as Norm van Brocklin. Matt doesn’t have a cannon, but he could throw left-handed better than Peyton that year.
  12. Gase was the OC for Peyton’s record-breaking season. Kubiak was the HC for Peyton’s corpse’s SB-winning season. Advantage: Kubiak.
  13. 1981, then? Not that many playoff seasons to pick from.
  14. 1998?
  15. I think Will Grier will be better in the NFL.