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  1. If they don’t shat themselves, maybe the can even keep the crowd fired up.
  2. If he throws 21 TDs in the Browns game, Pete Prisco will have an excited column posted on Monday. DLed won’t though, he will just ask Matt whether he’s ever played a game in the snow.
  3. This. It’s not that Quinn finds talent no one else could see, it’s that he finds talent he knows he can teach, develop, and use in ways that other coaches couldn’t.
  4. Did any of them tell you to draft Manzel?
  5. Sean Payton should be banned as well. FOR LIFE!
  6. They’re a menace and should be banned from the NFL for life. LIFE!
  7. Eric Reid is a menace who should be banned from the NFL for life. So should McCaffrey and Greg Olsen.
  8. ?????
  9. I can’t think of any time under DQ or CMS where the team took anyone lightly. We’ve certainly had games where we played like @zz, but not because we took a team lightly. That’s a decade of not taking anyone lightly. I think we’re okay.
  10. I think Burleson read the graphic wrong. Randy Moss had 45 100 yard games in his first 8 seasons, and Julio has 44 so far in his first 8 seasons. Randy had many more 100 yard games in his career. ETA Randy had 67 100 yard games, 64 regular season and 3 in the playoffs.
  11. "Well, I'll tell ya, it's not easy when I've got more rushing touchdowns than our supposedly elite back...."
  12. I bet he says something incredibly newsworthy. Just messing with you.
  13. ?? Say what you want about DQ's game management, surely you can't deny that his unquestionable strength is evaluating, teaching, and developing young guys to play his scheme?
  15. We’d be playing the Bears on Wildcard weekend.