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  1. Haha. Very subtle.
  2. Yeah I checked PFF but I couldn’t make it work for me. I wonder how many TDs we scored with Julio on the field versus off in both years, that would be another interesting question.
  3. But because you’re presenting them in isolation,these numbers may or may not tell a meaningful story. The offense was hard to watch for a lot of games last year. For these numbers to actually say something interesting, you’d need at least the 2016 comparison of the same figures, and ideally 2015 also.
  4. “Well, you know Julio is such an incredible athlete and professional...he and I have played together for quite a few years now, it won’t take any time at all in training camp for that timing to be there.”
  5. Haha, there’s the silver lining. At least he’s not Aaron Hernandez of the New England Pirus.
  6. Catfish and the Bottom Feeders or The Atlanta Hawks or Five Duck-sized Tony Martins
  7. Cole Magner and Amsterdam.
  8. 0 and 16. Staring Us In The Face. IN THE FACE!
  9. Sign Kid Capri, too.
  10. #1 all-time.
  11. That article is bullS*%t. 5. Boone Stutz 4. Boone Stutz 3. Boone Stutz 2. Peerless Price 1. Tony F*#king Martin
  12. Can we go back to 5:00 remaining in the 4th quarter of 51?
  13. You don't find this exciting and inspirational?
  14. I say it should be: Bruce Arians Ric Flair 2Chainz