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  1. His examples of a winning strategy are Goff, Trubisky, and Luck. LOL!
  2. In the sense that Brady always gets the call or lucky break that he needs (excepting 2007 and 2011 and the Folespocalypse), yes. Matt never gets those.
  3. I remember thinking, “Any team that fires a coach that went 14-2 deserves whatever happens to them.”
  4. Reserving my judgment until I see how good his t-shirt/slogan game is.
  5. I’d rather have Wink Martindale.
  6. The lines are the problem, and there are only 4 possibilities unless TD himself made all the sh**ty picks: The coaches were unable to describe what they wanted in O-line and D-line or The scouts were unable to identify players who matched what the coaches wanted or The coaches were unable to develop the players they got or He had a 12-year run of sh** luck. Maybe a combination of all 4. I mean, we drafted O-linemen from Wisconsin and Alabama and USC, they sucked. We drafted D-linemen, most of them sucked. We signed free agents on both side
  7. I was a true believer. In 07-08, I was saying, “These charges are all bull****, you’ll see.” Lol!
  8. No, Schaub was starting because Vick was out for some reason. If Vick had been starting, I would have been sure we were going to win back then.
  9. I still remember thinking we had a good chance to beat the Pats with him starting instead of Vick in 04 or 05. Spoiler alert: we did not actually have a good chance of beating the Pats.
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