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  1. If he doesn’t get a lot smarter about contact than he is now, he’ll have a shorter career than Cam will.
  2. In fairness to Coach Smith, resting the starters at the end of 2010 didn’t work that well, either. He tried something different in 2012 and the Falcon curse still found us.
  3. Week 1 of 2012, before we went 8-0 to start the season: We were slinging it around Arrowhead stadium that time. It was generally a better experience than yesterday.
  4. I am a good bit older than you; Run DMC kicked open the door for commercial viability for those who came later.
  5. That’s what Run DMC were referring to when they said “the turntable might wobble but it don’t fall down.”
  6. Nah, we’ll be good. Julio’s numbers will get overshadowed by Ridley’s 2400 yards, plus Freeman and Ito will both be in the 1000-1000 club. Add in Hooper’s 1200 and Julio is just part of the mix.
  7. My son and I were at the game in DC last year; this year my son and daughters and I are going to the game against the Texans. Anybody else will be there?
  8. Julio tribute:
  9. Deion Jones. Julio Jones. Calvin Ridley Jones. Vic Beasley Jones. Grady Jarrett Jones. Matt Ryan.
  10. “I’m from wherever the checks clear, baby!”
  11. You guys are really overthinking this and making it too complicated. The easy fix is for us to just sign Deandre and AB. That way, all three guys are playing against the same opponents, under the same conditions, with the same QB. That way we can actually know which one is better. It’s like, basic science.
  12. If Gono is a nogo, then Sambrailo brings the slow-mo, the Viking’s D like “YOLO,” Matt Ryan’s up and down like a yoyo, and the Falcons fans are like “Oh, no!”
  13. Acuna should close for the Braves, though. He’s throwing smoke.
  14. Dimarco was okay, but he was no Ovie. Hopefully Keith is more like Ovie.
  15. In honor of our two old OCs being back, I say Freeman up the middle for 1 yard.