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  1. wow... Did you really go and change your name and picture to take some sort of a shot at me after I chirped you a bit in the pencilpusher swifty nuthugging thread? ....Did that nonsense internet thread have that much of an impact on you that you went through the motions of changing your screen name and finding an upside down crown picture on google....in some sort of attempted shot at me? .....seriously bro? For a supposed psych major....you don't see how sad that is? wow man.... just wow. (on topic: I agree with ffs1970 all the way on this one...no sense playing their game when we can force them to play our game. The less time our BVG defense is off the field the better.)
  2. LOL yeah man welcome to the boards...you will eventually get used to the whining...had coach said "were gonna come out and smash these teams defensively" people would whine that he gave them bulletin board material, had coach not said anything people would whine that he has no fire or charisma, had coach come out and said he enjoys Budweiser people would whine that Coors is better. Not to say there hasn't been alot to be concerned with this season, but we could go undefeated and win the SB and smash every record in the book and these nancies would still find things to whine and cry about. Just the way she goes around here bro.
  3. one of the few positives so far this season ...JJ11 looks like an absolute stud. got my vote no doubt.
  4. buddy...we get it....you dont like TD or Matt Ryan... no need to dedicate your entire life with flooding the forums with obsessive posts... you post in threads that are not even about TD or Ryan ...and its always a PMS fueled rant over one or the other... you dont have anything better to be doing with your time? SMH.
  5. hahaha...yeah, sure there, bud. every single time I come to browse these forums I see your obsessive posts all over the place....you have wayyyyyy too much free time on your hands man.
  6. yeah it is a good bet if you ask me. I like picking good teams coming off a loss....already did it with pitt after they got smashed by the ravens and the ravens after they pood the bed against tennessee
  7. God forbid we listen to what guys actually on the field have to say when we have message board cancers who know much better than guys actually in the NFL.
  8. yeah that's the worst...Doritos rule though. I just picked up a 95 Chevy s10 for a project...gonna lower it. You guys think I should go 3/3 or 4/4 inch static drop?
  9. I don't understand why we don't blitz Dunta...say what you want to about his cover skills but dude closes the gap and drops the hammer. I have always thought we should be using him more as a utility guy like Charles Woodson. Blitzes from the inside and outside, both sides of the field, line him up at corner, line him up at nickle, line him up at safety, use him as a spy, etc.
  10. Swifty is in the feminine hygiene products aisle of his local pharmacy re-stocking after enduring Sunday night's game.
  11. Being a Philadelphia sports fan makes you do classless things sometimes.
  12. Don't tell that to swift, he might need to change his maxipads again.
  13. For once I agree with Trent Dilfer... Until we allow Matty to run the no huddle more, we are wasting his best attribute: his intelligence and his dedication as a student of the game.
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