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  1. Well at least no reason to get too emotional invested anymore, shrug
  2. Get done TD
  3. 3rd quarter actually
  4. I’ll strap you to my bike rough man how’s that sound
  5. I’ll shut you down. Come over there and flatten you out
  6. I’ll put your lip on the ground. Poke you in the rib
  7. Ill send you to the infirmary, hows that grab you partner
  8. Easy to find someone.. So you find people through their IP and hunt them down? I got a bus ticket for you. I’ll spin you around a couple times
  9. @Yo_Lover you should have saved the r/iamverybadass for this rough guy
  10. While Julio was penetrating the defense I was too busy taking up the middle on my girl to care r/ihavesex
  11. Translated: he got pornhub premium
  12. Not trying to sound like a tough guy, but no. I’ve never come close to crying from sadness or joy from sports