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  1. As far as positive notes, falcons got featured on the #1 play of the day on Redzone!
  2. I’ve seen you post “need rest” many times. Is that referring to you need them to win a super bowl before... you die?
  3. Hard to imagine why any Falcons fan would put any stock into “win probability percentage” statistics
  4. This loose is just another lose in a series of terrible looses. The team is obviously playing too tight, they need to play loser. Play to win, not loss.
  5. All good man, just a little grammar humor in these uncertain times
  6. When you say he’s “apart” of the problem you mean he’s not a part of the problem? I think you have to put a little blame on him at least, OP.
  7. Well at least no reason to get too emotional invested anymore, shrug
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