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  1. Holy **** I was using hyperbole with this post, but the commentator literally just said "Gronk might have 34 touchdowns just today!" - What a piece of ****. Should be fired instantly for this bias ********.
  2. god this is gonna be a long game.. I can handle losing but when they announcers are totally nut-hugging Brady every second; every stat is "Brady beats the Falcons by 50 touchdowns per quarter blah blah blah" its just as bad as playing the Aints with Brees.. I really hate the NFL for how rigged it is for "star" players like Brady, Rodgers and Brees - right down to the refs ******** too.
  3. Falcons trying to recapture that Patrick Kearney look on the DL for 20 years now.
  4. Clearly Fields is not trying, he wanted to be a Falcon and when he was drafted by the Bears - he decided he's going to play bad to get traded to us next year - then he'll go 17-0 with us obviously. Thats the only logical answer to why he's playing bad today right?
  5. Sounds like the former Aints staff is just going to make sure the "agreement" is settled with Tom Brady.. Just look into it.. /purple incase anyone is serious..
  6. The same people are saying Matt Ryan should be benched for a QB that 31 teams didn't want 2 weeks ago.. so I wouldn't get your info from pundits and msg boarders.
  7. Funny, I was told this week the Eagles are a college football level team, and would be lucky to get another win the whole season after our game.. Seems like they are doing well shutting down a top 5 Offense from the 49ers right now...
  8. Coward is someone who comes in to every posts and claims "I told you so! I was right that our new HC is ****! Hurray for me! I'm such a big Falcons fan!" Troll. Typical of trolls like you to make up **** to "win" your argument also; I didn't say the eagles were BETTER than the Cardinals, just that they are basically even. Neither were in the playoffs. Their record is 1-0 right now. What is so hard to understand? You think the Falcons are the worst team in history since we lost 1 game this year, why do you think the Cardinals are superbowl champs from one game??
  9. Look at all the people calling you out in this thread alone, let alone the other threads. Face it, you are just one big troll and people are catching on. Sad way to live your life with 10k troll posts on a football team msg board you are not even a fan of.
  10. I didnt say the Eagles were going to win more games. But they aren't far off. I know you would reneg on any bet anyways, thats what trolls like you do.
  11. Cardinals were 3rd in their division and 8-8 last year. Sure, they are "marginally" better than the Eagles, but the Eagles had massive injuries last year. And as of today, they are perfectly even at 1-0. I can't take you seriously if you think Arthur Smith was not the largest reason a random scrub named Derek Henry suddenly went from 700 yards a season to 1500-2000 yards a season as soon as AS took over the offense. Or Tannehill went from being a bust to a top 5 QB when AS benched Mariota.. I'll admit AS sucked this weekend, but he was wanted by every single team looking for a HC this offseason for a reason...
  12. This is what people like you always do - you talk sh&t about everything, absolutely every portion of the team, just so you can come back after a loss and say "See, I've been saying this forever!" - but when things work or we win the game, you are never one to say "I was wrong". Its easy to do, and shows cowardess. I can go on reddit and make 32 posts tomorrow saying "X team will win the superbowl, bank on it!" then come back after the superbowl and bump the one thread of the team that did win.. It doesn't mean anything when you do that, its just trolling in its most basic form. I think Arthur Smith called a bad first game this week, but its one game. Look at the media darling SB-bound Titans, they are sh#tting their pants having your "cog" Henry rush for 58 yards on 17 rushes.. And their high money WR's AJ Brown and Julio put up only 13 pts vs a team that is just as "bad" as the Eagles. Sure bet they wish they had Arthur Smith calling plays again eh.
  13. We were going to trade for Quentin Nelson, Zach Martin (proved he wasnt needed for DAL last week right?) and Joe Thoney - obviously! Anything else and we've been "Fontenoed".
  14. You totally missed the point, so I'll try to spell it out for you. Even Mahommes, the "next" Tom Brady, looked like dogsh&t behind a bad OL. I'd kill to see Tom Brady himself on a team with our OL and Defense for the past 10 years.. He'd be 6-10 every year. Friggin Josh Rosen would have won the SB with the Bucs D last year, it was so stacked.
  15. We always seem to suck week 1.. Didn't we lose week 1 in 2016 vs the Bucs pretty poorly (a Bucs team that was 6-10 the year prior) and then we went on our SB run? Hopefully its similar.
  16. I dont know why they didnt move McGary to LG and sign a new RT.. McGary is strong as ****, just slow against the speedy pass rushers. He'd dominate at LG once he gets comfortable IMO.. Maybe next year I guess..
  17. exactly. I'm not saying Ryan is the best under pressure, I'd say theres a few above him potentially, but hes definitely top 5. Unfortunately, no team can win with this kinda OL play. Look at Mahommes last year with a loss of OL in the playoffs, the next great "HOF QB" was running for his life.
  18. https://www.sportstalkatl.com/pff-matt-ryan-was-responsible-for-zero-hits-sacks-hurries-or-pressures-he-faced-in-week-1/ "What this essentially means is that the Falcons offensive line was porous, not Ryan sliding into defenders and sacking himself. Sometimes mobile quarterbacks are credited with a hit or pressure because they held the ball too long or scramble into an opposing defender. That wasn’t the case here. Essentially, this highlights the Falcons problems that Ryan has faced his entire career — bad offensive line play. Drafting Justin Fields wouldn’t have solved those problems; the buck stops in the trenches. Two particular positions clearly struggled against the Eagles — Right Tackle and Left Guard. Even nuttier: PFF concluded that LG (Mayfield and Dalman, but mostly Mayfield) and RT (McGary) bore at least some responsibility for 92.8% of the pressure Ryan faced. The solution seems obvious: the offensive line needs bolstering. That isn’t to say the group won’t mesh and improve throughout the season, but this group is clearly not ready to compete in the playoffs, which is always the ultimate goal. Jake Matthews and Chris Lindstrom are solid starters. Kaleb McGary and Matt Hennessy need to improve. Whoever starts at left guard needs to do a complete 180. Matt Ryan isn’t an elite quarterback, but he certainly isn’t the problem."
  19. Yea, they looked really Falcon like last night... Dak lit it up with 400+ yards and looked unstoppable (like Matt usually did during the DQ era) but the D gives up 30+ and the go-ahead score in the 4th quarter.. Man I feel bad for Dallas, cause they really do have a talented team. It's going to be a long year though for them.
  20. I mean last night was a good preview of why you gotta play the games... Every single person was saying the Bucs were the greatest team in NFL History and the Cowboys wouldn't put up any points against this historic defense.. If their kicker makes even one of the 3 missed kicks, or CeeDee doesnt have one of his 4 drops, they win that game =/
  21. I suppose I get it.. lets say the Aints switch divisions in 15 years and are no longer the Falcons rival.. I'd still root against them in every single game regardless of the opponent. Tampa is lame, but I don't hate them like the Aints.. The main reason I hated Tampa was Jon Gruden's teams constant cheap shots.. Havent cared much since then. The Brady love affair this offseason has been annoying as **** though, i'd love to see them fail.
  22. Gallup is really good. I think if the Cowboys had a real NFL D Coordinator, they would be a top playoff team for sure.. Phew.
  23. two very very obvious drops, that woulda put them in the redzone. Big plays to fail on vs the superbowl champs. Very Falcons like =[
  24. So far the Bucs don't look unbeatable like the media has been talking about all offseason.. If Ceedee catches a few more balls, DAL is up 7 more points. I know DAL has some skill on offense, but the Bucs D doesnt look like their superbowl D. The big issue is Gronkowski.. hate to admit it but this dude with TB is a problem. He really is the next greatest TE outside of Tony Gonzalez. Catches everything thrown his way. If we lock Gronk up and make Brady sweat with the pressure, I think we can beat them next week..
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