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  1. 4 hours ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

    Your pm had such a great response to the whole thing that his wife got it. Can't protect his family, but he can protect a country? Give me a break.

    Any politician who goes to a lot of conferences and shakes hands are at major risk, look at half your GOP senators in quarantine.. Trump shook hands with people who have it, it's only a matter of time.. look at his behaviour in speech anyways, he's clearly on some large doses of "medicine" at all times already.. 

    But one province (BC) has completed more testing of citizens than your whole country. Your country is gonna hide the numbers because that's what you do, hide the facts on Fox News because if people actually knew the truth, there would be riots. Believe what the most corrupt government in American history is telling you, like a sheep. Everyone else, like the 400+ people from his own administration he fired, or the whole CIA/FBI, all in some big conspiracy to dethrone the self proclaimed greatest president ever.. and you don't bat an eye at how ridiculous that sounds?? Just a week ago he was calling covid a democratic hoax to ruin his name, now every major sports League is cancelled with how bad this thing is spreading.. still believe everything Fox is telling you? Everyone is against him, even people he said were the best people for the jobs in his white house just a few years ago, but they told him he can't do one small thing and he fires them and calls them a liberal.. ******* John Bolton is now considered a liberal plant.. rofl. Unreal. 

  2. 25 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:


    I'm Canadian, and the meme going around yesterday with this news was "if you cancel the hockey season; 4 hours later, Canadians develop a cure.."

    Irony being, even though it is spreading in Canada too, since we have health care and a government that actually wants this thing to go away, we are doing a good job in dealing with it compared to the US.. I mean, even from sad posters on this forum, brainwashed by Fox News telling you the covid is fake and a liberal plot to crash the economy (lol...) And the even bigger irony is the people parroting this fox News bs are the most at risk boomers and unhealthy people in your country. "Thoughts and prayers" when they catch it, not like Trump cares enough to help your insane medical bills unless you are white and already rich. 

  3. Lol people thinking this very real disease is just a political attack because their leader said so is pretty comical. Comical if it wasn't so scary how brainwashed people are.

    The same GOP senators who were laughing about how much of a joke this disease is, are self quarinteened right now. The major sports leagues are thankfully not as stupid and realize the implications of this pandemic, and are trying to reduce the spread.


    Anyways, be hopeful that you don't get it, because you probably can't afford the medical bills anyways. But I'll wish you "thoughts and prayers".. cause that'll help. 

  4. 7 hours ago, papachaz said:

    just because you disagree with something someone stands for, doesn't make them an ******* for standing for it. so there's that. I'll give him credit for standing up for what he believes in, even if it's not a popular thing, just like I give Kap credit for standing up for what he believes in, even though it's not necessarily a popular thing in some circles. It all depends on what circle you're in I guess, but this country is founded on people being able to stand up for what they believe, whether you or I agree with them or not....


    and for the record, NOT trying to make this political at all, or religious for that matter, but I didn't need to, you already did that


    and for the record, I can't stand Brees, I think he's nothing more than an ego maniac, and it's all about 'me me me' with him. 

    There's a MAJOR difference between kneeling for equal rights, or supporting blatant hatred and bigotry. That's why your country is so messed up, people actually believe things like minorities and homosexuals are subhuman.. and it's not even viewed as a horrible viewpoint, but just "your opinion" that people disagree with.. I'm not American btw.

  5. 8 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

    Why clowney for the eagles?

    Just more proof you don't actually watch any football games, just talk crap after looking at the scoreboard.. the Clowney stuff dominated the news cycle all last week, and that was a lot of just rehashing the first time he played vs the Eagles last year..

  6. 10 minutes ago, revrndzombie said:

    Ill say this; then banish myself from the boards and probably from society, as its deserving:
    I want to hate Brees, but I really don't. He's a top tier quarterback and seems like a good guy and its tough to have a lot of negative to say about him other than I want him to lose. 

    Ok, Ill see myself out. Mods please ban me. Others, please threaten my life or mail me dead animals and such



    I'm all for respecting a player if they actually are nice in person, even if he was a saint Ugh.. but all signs point to Brees being a total *******. He supported and advertised for that stupid Church that actively campaigned to outlaw gays, and just listen to his pompous *** in any interview. He's not a good person, I mean how could you be if you are best buds with crackhead Sean Payton..

    Even Brady is less of a ***** than Brees.

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