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  1. they are never clever or funny, but after reading 100s of them over the years, figured I'd pay back the favor to the folks of TATF.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/06/04/patriots-signing-marvin-hall/ The Patriots are adding another potential piece for their offense. Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, New England is signing wide receiver Marvin Hall. Hall most recently spent time with the Browns in 2020, as the team claimed him off waivers in December. He appeared in one game for Cleveland — the Week 16 matchup against the Jets that did not feature the Browns’ top four receivers due to COVID-19 protocols. He also appeared in 11 games for Detroit in 2020, making 17 receptions for 290 yards w
  3. Do you guys ever learn? Especially with Florio involved?? Before the draft, Florio REPEATEDLY said "Arthur Blank wants a new QB, therefor the Falcons will 100% take a new QB. He makes the decisions". Then as soon as Peter King said it was unlikely on the week of the draft, he changed his tune slightly until we obviously saw there was no QB selected. Point being, Florio makes assumptions that Arthur Blank is the same as Jerry Jones. This is clearly false, and even if it was true I doubt its solely AB's feelings. I bet TF and Smith also don't want to get peanuts for a HOF WR either, and be
  4. One thing I've noticed with all the picks so far - they really go all out and leave it all on the field. No taking plays off, no slowing down. Aggressive and attitude seems to be the name of the draft this year. I'm sure one or two won't do well for our team but no team hits on 100% of the picks - I feel like we're taking good risks though over the "known name" players who might not fit that mentality that TF/AS want.
  5. Drafting Mayfield and Dalman, it really seems like AS wants to tell all the OL "Go out and compete for your job".. I'm sure Matthews, Lindstrom and McGary are probably safe at their spots, but the rest are gonna have to fight for the starting role. Matt Hennessey (C / G) Drew Dalman (C / G - whoever loses C position between him and Henny will be the backup) Josh Andrews (G) Jalen Mayfield (G / T??) Matt Gono ( T / G??) then there's Willie Beavers and Willie Wright, who are probably camp bodies. At this point, even our 3rd string line is probably
  6. I dont think Fields will dominate for years.. doesn't mean I still dont want him to goto CAR, NO or TB and risk the chance he does. Alternatively, if we didnt draft Pitts, CAR might of had a shot at him. That woulda sucked.
  7. With Arthur Smith calling the plays? Matt's gonna be for sure top 5. I say if the trio Pitts/Julio/Ridley stay together for 2022's season, and our D is anywhere in the top 15, we going back to the bowl.
  8. So a team where this core of players (Matt, Julio, Matthews, Grady, Deion) already went to a superbowl with AWFUL coaching.. have absolutely no shot to go back.. but some rookie 4th selection QB will suddenly make this team a SB contender?? Face it, in the next 5 years, No QB from this draft will be in any superbowls. Lawrence, Wilson, Jones, Lance, or everyones favorite Fields - 3 of the 5 will probably out of the league in 5 years. Maybe one will succeed with Kyle or Bellichek as a coach, but the rest have no chance. Pitts is gonna be a HOF TE. If its not with Atlanta, we'll be re
  9. I think 49ers take Lance. Either way, it'd be a complete failure of TF to take Lance, and would prove our franchise is in big trouble in the next 5 years. You waste years of a rookie QB (paid #4 money to sit on the bench) then Ryan is pissed and uneasy, and we miss a major piece like Pitts of Sewell that could actually make us competitive in 2021. So basically, we're not competitive in 2021 without a major draft piece, it costs more money and we're not competitive when we let Matt Ryan go in 2023, cause a rookie QB comes in and we drop off from being a top 5 offense to 20+ offense with a newbi
  10. lol what an uninformed post.. AS came to Atlanta specifically to work with Matt Ryan, a true franchise QB, and Julio/Ridley. TF too, he just worked for an organization that kept Brees til 42 with a very visible weaker arm for the past 3 years, I dont think he has any doubts about MR's abilities at 35. This is basically just Pitts' saying he believes ATL will trade down. I don't think he's wrong to believe that, if we get an offer, but its not any actual insight. He's being modest, knowing that if ATL picks at 4, its him, but a team might really want a QB, giving up 3 firsts like they did
  11. I truly believe Rich Eisen doesnt give one **** about football, he only cares about stirring the pot and being a *********. I felt that since the Brett Favre retiring stuff, when he was on NFLN everyday basically acting like TMZ with a 24 hour watch of Brett. Entertaining? maybe sometimes occasionally, but he is the last place i'd go for actual football knowledge. Matt is probably wanting DEFENSIVE help, he knows coaching alone can fix the offense. but I bet he's perfectly OK with drafting Pitts, especially if Julio may not be here past next year. I really doubt Matt is fearing for his jo
  12. This reminds me of how Mike Florio and Rich Eisen keep trying to push this narrative.. specifically Florio, in his earlier mock drafts and videos kept saying "Arthur Blank is an owner who will make them pick a QB, end of discussion - it doesnt matter what the new GM/Coach want" just blindly, then he invited Peter King or someone on with actual knowledge who challenged him and said "I really dont think thats the case, Arthur Blank has said the decision is solely up to the GM/Coach" - and since that one video, Florio has backed off on mentioning Blank's name. Its stupid as **** how people in the
  13. To be fair he wasn't a strong blocker in his earlier years, but he made some great progress this year. That shows he CAN learn things and works hard. I expect him to take a massive leap with Julio teaching him though, just like Roddy taught Julio how to be a badass blocker when he first came in. This is why I want Pitts more than anything; Pitts ensures we have that HOF-presence on our receiving corps when Julio eventually moves on. If we get a good 2-3 years with Julio, Ridley and Pitts together, with Ryan and Smith coaching?? We are instantly contenders on O again - if Dean Peas even ge
  14. It's hilarious to me that anti-vax Christians love to go on about how the vaccine and the whole pandemic is just about "Government control" (despite plagues being a thing for thousands of years.. including in the book they claim to read??) but the largest "control" organization in the history of Earth is the plague known as religion. Enforcing the belief if they do X thing, they go to ****.. yet the most corrupt people in the world are right wing fundamentalist Christians like Kenneth Copeland, who realize how easy it is to brainwash people into giving them money once they bought into the whol
  15. Probably the best mock on this forum I've seen. No stupid QB or RB in the first 3 rounds, total defensive draft after Pitts. If we get Rousseau in rd 2, i'd be thrilled (I kinda feel he wont last that long). I'm in the camp thinking that we can sign a backup QB in FA after the draft, maybe even bring back Danny Etling as a potential? Then in 2023 or 2024 we draft Ryan's replacement in the 3rd round or so. No point wasting a top round pick on a QB unless we have another 4-13 season and something is clearly wrong. I expect us to be a playoff team again with Smith's coaching, we need all th
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