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  1. Any politician who goes to a lot of conferences and shakes hands are at major risk, look at half your GOP senators in quarantine.. Trump shook hands with people who have it, it's only a matter of time.. look at his behaviour in speech anyways, he's clearly on some large doses of "medicine" at all times already.. But one province (BC) has completed more testing of citizens than your whole country. Your country is gonna hide the numbers because that's what you do, hide the facts on Fox News because if people actually knew the truth, there would be riots. Believe what the most corrupt gover
  2. I'm Canadian, and the meme going around yesterday with this news was "if you cancel the hockey season; 4 hours later, Canadians develop a cure.." Irony being, even though it is spreading in Canada too, since we have health care and a government that actually wants this thing to go away, we are doing a good job in dealing with it compared to the US.. I mean, even from sad posters on this forum, brainwashed by Fox News telling you the covid is fake and a liberal plot to crash the economy (lol...) And the even bigger irony is the people parroting this fox News bs are the most at risk boomers
  3. Lol people thinking this very real disease is just a political attack because their leader said so is pretty comical. Comical if it wasn't so scary how brainwashed people are. The same GOP senators who were laughing about how much of a joke this disease is, are self quarinteened right now. The major sports leagues are thankfully not as stupid and realize the implications of this pandemic, and are trying to reduce the spread. Anyways, be hopeful that you don't get it, because you probably can't afford the medical bills anyways. But I'll wish you "thoughts and prayers".. cause t
  4. There's a MAJOR difference between kneeling for equal rights, or supporting blatant hatred and bigotry. That's why your country is so messed up, people actually believe things like minorities and homosexuals are subhuman.. and it's not even viewed as a horrible viewpoint, but just "your opinion" that people disagree with.. I'm not American btw.
  5. Just more proof you don't actually watch any football games, just talk crap after looking at the scoreboard.. the Clowney stuff dominated the news cycle all last week, and that was a lot of just rehashing the first time he played vs the Eagles last year..
  6. I'm all for respecting a player if they actually are nice in person, even if he was a saint Ugh.. but all signs point to Brees being a total *******. He supported and advertised for that stupid Church that actively campaigned to outlaw gays, and just listen to his pompous *** in any interview. He's not a good person, I mean how could you be if you are best buds with crackhead Sean Payton.. Even Brady is less of a ***** than Brees.
  7. Diggs is playing today apparently. I do think we have a good shot today, I'm thinking our D will dominate their O, but I do worry a bit about our offense, although I'm sure we'll put up at least 21 on them. Hopefully thats enough.
  8. The proper way to do this is make a new thread titled "We can get Kalil Mack for 4mil/year!" and when people open it up, its about signing Matt Kalil and putting him at LG.. Learn to bait.
  9. oh that "credible" news source of 12up?? almost as credible as fox eh!
  10. Dolphins should have been the embarrassing moment this team needed to get their heads out of their ***.. this is just pitiful. I think im done watching Falcons football/football in general. This team will always blow.
  11. yeah haha.. I watch games alone though, cause if they start losing I get pretty mad lol (like the last bills game ugh) but cool to know theres some more Falcons fans around here.
  12. Thats awesome! I'm living in Halifax right now. I went to the Falcons vs Bills game in Toronto, was an amazing day for a huge Falcons fan like me to get to see them finally. Not many falcons fans up here, amongs the patriots bandwagoners =[
  13. Who did we trade infront of? Dallas.. Look at every article leading up to draft day on who Dallas had as their #1 coveted player.. https://thelandryhat.com/2017/04/21/dallas-cowboys-draft-fixing-pass-rush/ https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/03/22/report-cowboys-set-meet-star-pass-rusher-nfl-draft Many more, just search for "Dallas projected pick" and Takk's name comes up everytime. They ended up picking Taco, clearly not the one they wanted but DE was the position they were after. GB traded out of their pick as soon as we took Takk, so they probabl
  14. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Sick of everyone local being a Pats fan.. including two ex-gf's = wonder why girls like the Pats so much... sigh.
  15. nothing like drinking cheap bear's.. I member the 3AM club. I also member when the board wasnt run amuck with ****ty bandwagon pats fans.. why are we the only forum in the NFL that doesnt ban trolls from other teams after their first sh#tpost?? PLEASE MODS do your job!
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