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  1. All it takes is the "Dragon" rollin' off the back of the tongue and the next thing you know.... Whooooooshhhh!!! Flame on!!!! lol
  2. Can't wait to join that "magical season" club!!!
  3. Not sure, but you got the height right.
  4. I can see your reasoning here. Your sayin' that since you were turned on by it, then Pox must of lost one! Least your honest about the things you have no control over. Having said that, you must be one of the most honest fans around.
  5. He likes to have his boys make each and every list out there. Most of the time thats not good enough unless he gets to place them as well. E29/nutshell
  6. I bet you could have some if you asked nice. New or used, that all depends on what you would want 'em for? lol
  7. Thats funny, I just seen him with your fat*** wife the other day!!
  8. lets all send some pictures of chicks mouths to another dude. If thats your itch, scratch it. no thanks here.
  9. Not sure anyone can tell you that ecept for maybe a coach. There's certainly not any Falcons coaches on this site.
  10. Hey, I was just trying to give a pooly Panther fan a little advise and what did I get in return. Now my information box ain't workin like it should. huh????
  11. I'm sorry that Ga has such a bad education sytem, wouldnt know since I'm not from Ga. It's ok, I'm sure you get that a lot being the cream of the crop. huh???
  12. Don't know bro, that was the ol' lady. I'll ask her what the heck she meant tomorrow, she's in bed. That wasn't me!
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