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  1. Considering that Ryan has no time to look at his 2nd option and results to a 1st read or check down ( and sometimes even just a check down) I say he's doing the best he can with what he's got
  2. I've said it years ago and I'll say it again....... Rich McKay is the problem with this franchise. I don't think real change will come until he is replaced. McKay hired Jim Mora Jr and Bobby Petrino and was demoted for it. Over a decade later, he is again in the position to potentially hire a new head coach and a new general manager. It was reported that McKay made the Falcons unattractive for top candidates during the coaching search. With the fear that McKay will have final say so over decisions. We're talking about the man that drafted Jamaal Anderson 8th overall and signed Bobby Petrino. It also appears that McKay was pushing for more power within the franchise this past off-season. So the question is was Pitt's a McKay pick? How much power does the new regime really have? Call it a gut instinct, but I honestly feel like this franchise won't make a turnaround until McKay is gone.
  3. Arthur Smith as HC and Reddick as GM. I'll keep saying that until it happens. I'm glad y'all are catching on what I've already been knowing ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜
  4. 1st off .....Rich McKay should have been long gone. Louis Riddick is my pick for GM.
  5. I don't care if the Falcons don't have anything to play for. I never want to see the Falcons lose. If you're not playing to win then your wasting everyone's time involved.
  6. Matt Ryan was still shell shocked from the last Aint's game. He did hold on to the ball too long....I can't remember the last time I've seen Ryan hold on to the ball that long so many times in one game.... And he does lock in to his first read, but he's always done that since day one. Bad play calling is what is really killing the Falcons offense.
  7. When I saw this I knew it was a first down. I don't understand the logic of playing that deep on 3-17?.
  8. Teams are either known for defense or offense. The Atlanta Falcons are known for offense and Matt Ryan has been the engine for that. HOF'er and could have been a multiple champion if he ever had a defense.
  9. The man gave us the greatest Falcons QB and WR in the same era.
  10. I can PROMISE you that if the Falcons release Oluokun...we will regret it. Sign him now for the long haul.
  11. AJ, Grady, Debo, Foye and Sheffield.... everyone else can go.
  12. This has honestly been the realest and most refreshing post I've seen on here in a while, because it's an honest truth about everything..good or bad. I'll chime in and tell you another thing wrong with the Atlanta Falcons franchise....THE FAN BASE!! The things I've heard and Matt Ryan and Julio the past two weeks is mind blowing. Dan Quinn lost the team after that Philadelphia lost in the playoffs...and should have been fired after the 1-7 start last season. Better late than never I say.
  13. Like I've said, you can't put this lost on the defense. This is clearly a coaching lost. We stopped being aggressive and stated playing that soft zone. The game was won all they had to do was jump on the ball....end of game.
  14. It doesn't matter when it came. The defense still caused 5 turnovers. Now, if you wanna have a conversation about the special teams then I'm all for it, but we can't put this lost on the defense.
  15. We can say this and that all we like but the truth is the Falcons did not recover the onside kick. That's why we're 0-2 and not 1-1.โ€ฆit's that simple.
  16. I can't agree. The defense caused 4 turnovers....they did the job and some.
  17. It's going to be our Dline that makes the difference in this match up. Against the Rams the Oline was a huge liability....not to mention they still trying to figure out the RT spot
  18. The Skins and linebackers did great today.....the secondary, very poor
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