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  1. The children lost yesterday. RIP

  2. D Block is a great thing. I love it a lot. I believe they are doing VERY well this year as compared to previous years where they struggled (especially the secondary) so they deserve the credit on improving. Sidenote: I feel bad for Grimes because they improved so much that he can't come back for what he wants. If making these videos help them to focus, by all means keep making them and if not then miss a week or two. The thing is that you don't want anything to distract the players, especially this time of the year.
  3. LOL at your avatar! Is Pat a rookie and that is why he can't talk? lol
  4. To me there are only 2 types of fans.... the fair weather fan and real fans. It is not a crime to criticize your team when they mess up but when you take it to that next level then I lose respect for you as a fan. When we lose you just fall off the wagon each and every time.. or if you are always a "sky is falling" type of person, I would say you don't have the stomach to be a real Falcon fan. I have been down with the birds since 1984 so I have seen some HORRIBLE seasons and they all hurt, but I was born and raised here in Decatur, GA and so I have to remain loyal to my team. The absolute w
  5. Well, ready or not here it comes!!! I have been waiting for this day all week long and now it is here! Will we rise to the mark or fall short YET AGAIN! I personally hope we stick it to them and the national media who already have them playing Green Bay in the NFC Champ game! Its on us to go out there and prove ourselves and I am ready for them to do it!
  6. I kind of want to see us air the ball out a little bit since we are supposed to be this throw first team now instead of the run first team. That and I want to see the rookies compete to make the 53 man squad. I mean after all isn't that the point of preseason?
  7. MY TICKETS FINALLY ARRIVED IN THE MAIL!!! The book is a nice touch plus the card and the stickers, but Im just happy to have the tickets and the lineard or however you spell it! Now I can take some people off my list and enjoy the game in peace! Keep the faith guys Im sure they will be in your hands soon! GO FALCONS!
  8. I don't want to think of that. lol I picture a lot of pissed off people having to fill their gas tanks up with expensive gas to track all the way up to Flowery Branch looking for answers. lol
  9. Well I will go and make it unanimous, I did not receive mine either. You know, the thing that bothers me the most is not that they are late, I mean SUPER late with this, its that they have not been upfront with us on this. I understand no company wants to say to a paying customer "I don't know when they will arrive" (and trust me I really do not want to hear it myself), but at least I feel like I am hearing the truth and not some rehearsed blow off line about its in the mail. This process has been really annoying and I am starting to feel pissed off every day this continues. Its like the
  10. I think I would like to see us air it out some since that is all we have been hearing lately. How we are supposed to be this throw first team now rather than run first like in the past. Either way its going to be good to be back in the house with fellow Falcon fans!
  11. I thought you got them in the mail! I was about to say maybe there was hope for the rest of us. lol
  12. Still waiting on my tickets but just want to get to the dome to have some fun!

  13. Well its here!!! Finally its here!! Cant wait to get to the GA Dome tonight to see a game! I don't even care that it is pre-season either because I feel as though this year is going to be a good one and pre-season will feel like regular season in a sense due to the lock out. I know its weird but hey its football! RISE UP ATLANTA! We are back baby!!
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