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  1. so julio don't play team ball O_o dude aint a distraction all he does is ball and y'all don't want to pay him O_o
  2. trade julio= I'm done with this team. O_O how u gone trade the most exciting player we dun had since vick lmao
  3. she plays soccer so i kno dam wewll she can kick the **** out of a ball
  4. wont happen we will be n atl and we will get that new stadium
  5. i believe we def need to pick him up because he will be a monster in the league yall can book it
  6. take a look at dude from SMU a complete beast
  7. dilfer went to bowl so by your logic dilfer>ryan ,explain and ill wait
  8. dont matter how the d played the offense had a chance at the end and that was a dam hold and if it wasnt roddy would have caught it its bs and everybody sayin its not needs to jump off a cliff backwards
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