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  1. Not at all I’m sure somewhere in him is a talented player but the way he came off immediately when he was drafted I though we’ll **** that guy is a real winner and unfortunately he proved me right. We have wasted too many picks and money on DE’s that have not panned out.
  2. That’s a big **** no!!! He’s a team cancer and anti American piece of crap!!!
  3. Every year after the first loss whether it be the first game or not the same boo birds come out. The team did no play their best ball last night but they were I the game and showed signs of life. The sky is not necessarily falling, by next week whenwe have our first win all the boo birds will be back on board until the next lost.
  4. Abstract, I'm offend because these morons and obviously you too don't realize the disrespect that is being given to people of all races creeds and colors by not respecting the flag. You probably do not recognize the fact that most of deaths occur because of aggression by people breaking the law and being violent against the police.
  5. Shame on them for participating in this foolishness. Have respect for the ones regardless of race, creed or color. This man gets it. He is a true American hero and by not standing to honor the flag and anthem you who do stand wi hand over heart disrespect he sacrifice.
  6. It's sad when grown men act so whiny an overall annoying.
  7. CC is the single most annoying anouncer on tv.
  8. I really hate we lost and dare I even say chocked in the second half but where were they? That's right on the couch wishing they were in our position.
  9. In a word, NO!!!!!! He is the centerpiece to build around.
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